Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Pictures....AGAIN!

Yes, this was the hubby's response to "Sunday Pictures"....ha ha! It's his favorite time of the week.....and if you believe that one, I have a swamp to sell ya! Anywhooooo....we did get some good shots this week! We even changed it up and moved to another room...ha ha!

Joel was ignoring us and still sitting at the computer, so we took some of ourselves....pretty cute if you ask me!!

Ahhh, that's better, you can see Bodie's little face! Love his expression.....he's putting up with us...but not for long!

Okay....Mom and Sissy...I'm about to get over this!

But could you just die over his little face????? I love this baby boy and my baby girl!

Now it's silly time!

Papa bear and Mama bear!

Love her....she's such a good girl!

She loves her baby brother so much....

Bodie decided that picture time was over at this point....he kept trying to give Daddy kisses, but wouldn't hold it long enough....ha ha!

Daddy and his mini-me!

I love this pic....ha ha....Bodie was attempting to jump out of Joel's arms and Saige is laughing!

Good times, good times!

I really feel so blessed that I have been given these beautiful kiddos to raise. It's so unfortunate how many kids have selfish and absent parents....I can't imagine life without them....I'm so grateful that I have a "good mommy" gene! After all, isn't that what life should be about?
Looking forward to next week's Sunday Pics...we'll have ALL our family back together!


The BirdHouse said...

Dang girl!!! How much weight have you lost?? That zumba class is rockin' your world! Great pics of YOU, forget the rest of the fam!! I didn't know Joel had such an issue with Sunday pics....Dork! And BTW, you are a great your kids AND your step kids. Kyle is lucky to have you as a mother figure and to know, by your example, what attributes to look for in a future wife and mother to his own children. It's really too bad that Brannon wasn't around enough to enjoy the benefits of your example in his life. You'll never know how happy our family is that Joel found you and the girls!

Nancy Booth said...

Amen to that Kayla. You are a great wife and mom and love your kids so much and show it. I too, am so thankful Joel found you and that you two are active in church. You do have a beautiful face (not pretty) but beautiful. So is Saige. Bodie is the cutest little 22 pounder I've ever seen. I thought he got a haircut. It looks great. I miss my Kyle bear and Brannon too. Love ya'll's family. Great pics.

kayla said...

Ahhh, thanks Kelly and guys are too sweet and kind! I do love my family, that is for sure and I'm really thankful too that Joel and I found each other! Not only for him, but for you guys all REALLY need to come to Cali! Come swim in our new pool!!!!

Jade said...

Dear Mom,
Bodie is darling :)
Just sayin.

Anonymous said...