Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bodie is 14 months....and 7 days old...ha ha!

Surprise, surprise!!! I am finally getting around to getting Bodie's 14 month pics up...I've been in a blogging funk!! Or it may be that I'm so dag-on tired of chasing this very ACTIVE, beautiful child of ours that all I can do at the end of the day is veg out in front of the TV!! HOWEVER, don't get me wrong....I absolutely LOVE this little boy and feel so grateful that I am lucky enough to watch him grow up every day. HOWEVER, he is a handful....ha ha! And he is OBSESSED with climbing our stairs at least 1000 times a day! We are totally lame-o and haven't purchased a safety gate for the stairs yet and so all I do is complain about chasing him down...ha ha! He also loves to scare me to death by throwing random toys down the stairs and every time I think it's him falling....he just giggles and points at me when I try to scold him!
It really is a good thing that he is so darn cute....I think he would get into much more trouble!

Here he is forming a plan to get to those blasted stairs!! (He's trying to fool me into thinking that he's interested in that toy...just long enough for me to take my eyes off of him)

And he's off.........just try and catch me Mama!

Whoo-hoo...I got a running start!!

Darn it....she caught me!! And even worse, made me pose for some pictures! He's putting on this face because he knows in a few minutes he'll have another chance at those stairs!

He's such a ham! I love his little rocker look he's got going on today!

Being the bold and crazy little boy that he is, he gets lots of little boo-boos. He got this shiner from being under the desk and trying to get away from me when I was trying to drag him out.....poor little guy. I hate it when he gets hurt, but he sure does turn into a snuggle bunny when he does and that folks is pure heaven!

I watched a couple of little boys a while back and it was fun seeing Bodie interact with them...I think he's going to have the "chihuahua" complex and be the bossy little guy! The little boy next to him is a month younger than he is! I hope as he gets older, he'll be better at sharing! We only have 4 more months until nursery at church....yikes!

He was being territorial....little booger!

The only time his hair is curly is when it's wet, but I'll take it!!! He such a happy little guy!

This last picture cracks me up......the onsie is a 12 month size...ha ha!
He may be a little bundle, but he sure is a HUGE bundle of joy for us!