Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Pictures.....

Howdy! Life has been buzzin along, same-o thing, different day! However, Bodie bug is growing like a weed and getting spunkier every day! He is such a mess, but we love him to pieces around here! He likes having the camera all to himself....ha ha! At least we've noticed he does better when he's not being forced into a family picture! He loves to say cheese and we can usually coax him into taking a picture just by reminding him about the cheese! He's a ham!

Daddy got him ready for church and he's ready to go NOW!

Come on everybody! (I could smooch that little neck all day long!)


Dark picture...sigh!

I hate when the picture is good of the rest of the people and I'm forced to put it on the blog...ha ha!


Note to self....hate your something different!!!

Anyway....there you have it...another riveting round of Sunday pictures! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kyle's Christmas and Sunday Pics!

Kyle couldn't wait to open up Christmas gifts when he got home from Alabama! He didn't have a ton to open up because he wanted to go shopping with Christmas money....but, he did enjoy the gifts he received! (he didn't mind little brother helping him open either!)

All my kiddos get Christmas jammies! He's been wearing these ever since!

Papa Hoss and Nana hooked him up!! His!!!

Uncle Quinton shares his love of music and sent an I-tunes card!

And Saul and Jade decided to help him cultivate his natural musical talent with a........NEW UKULELE!! He's already jamming out new tunes! (some he's made up....which is way cool)


Very cute!

He looks good with that thing! He's been having fun spending all the Christmas money on clothes at the mall and he's picking very cute stuff....the boy's got some taste! Grammy and Grampy sent the kids gift cards and they ALL had fun spending the money! Thanks everyone....we love you all!

The only Sunday Pic of Bodie....and yes, he refused to take the hat off....(even at church...I'm sure people were judging us left and right....ha ha! But hey, you gotta do what works when your church time falls during nappy time!)

I cropped myself right out of these pics....but I sure do have some handsome boys!

Kyle is not a huge fan of Sunday pics....actually neither is his dad!!!

Everyone decided to hate on Sunday pics this week.....the turkeys!

I'll make them be sweet next week!

This one isn't bad....but Saige looks like she's in pain....grrrr!

Silly, fake smiles!! Oh well....I'll take it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year with Sunday Pictures!

Happy New Year! Joel and I actually rang in the new year for a change and it was very nice getting that kiss!! This year we get the lovely privilege of going to church at 1:30 p.m. (ack) and so we have plenty of time for Sunday pics....whoo-hooo! It's going to be a fun-filled year of wrestling with Bodie and trying to make him forget that he would be snug as a bug taking a nap at home but is instead sitting quietly (ha ha) in Sacrament meeting!! Good times! Anyway, here are our fist Sunday Pics of the year....hopefully we will have many more and a wonderful year this year!

I can't take Saige growing up anymore....time is just going too stinking fast for me.
Love this girl!

Love this boy!

He is goofy......

But, he sure is cute and all mine!

Love these boys!

Bodie got this awesome cow watch at Chick-Fil-A...and he actually keeps it on for more than a's cute!

Showing it off!

and forgetting which arm it was on....ha ha!

We told Bodie to give sissy a kiss and this is what she got....a full on open mouth kiss...ha ha! With a snotty nose to boot......Saige just LOVED that....ha hahah haha~

One can never stay mad at him for long....he's just too adorable!

Love. pieces.

The cow watch! (and a pic of his little hand that will get bigger before I want it to)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve at the Beach!

Jade really wanted to make a trip to a beach while they were here, so Sat. we packed up and headed to San Clemente Beach. We had not visited that beach yet and it didn't disappoint! We ended up a little far out and had to walk a little bit to get to the public beach....but, it was really nice with a little playground for Bodie and it wasn't crowded at all. It was a little overcast, but still very nice and Jade and Saul kept saying only in CA can you wear a swimsuit in Dec.! (Jade was the only one on the beach in a swimsuit though....ha ha)

Saige kept her shorts on! It wasn't THAT warm!!
Getting a little sun!

Heading out!

It was pretty rocky at this beach, but still very nice.....the waves were pretty awesome and strong.

Saul reflecting on the past year.....ha ha!

Bodie LOVED the beach....which was very different from his last visit when it took us the whole time just to get him to put his feet on the sand! There was a little slide and swings also and he couldn't get enough of that either!

Saige and I.

We loved seeing him have so much fun.....I can't wait to go back this summer.

Not a great pic of Jade and I, but the only one I! But I do love the shot of Saige behind us!! She got away from the wave...we did not!!

The honey bunny and I.....this whole week was so pleasant....I just loved it.

Playing around!

We make a cute ha ha!

How big can I smile?

Saul was Bodie's buddy at the beach.....he had sooooo much fun with him....he has a COOL bro-in-law!


The water was FUUUUREEEZZZING! But the boys didn't seem to mind!

Yeah baby!

Bodie always puts his hand on his face when he is's so stinking cute!

I apparently thought I needed another goofy shot with my mouth wide open!

We were attacked my birds a couple of times.....good times....nobody got the poo thank goodness!

The clouds started rolling in right about the time we left.

Bodie had no problem getting his feet dirty this time!

Oh how I love those little feet!

As we were having a fun time sticking our feet in the rolling waves....a HUGE wave decided to roll on in and totally wiped out Bodie...Joel plucked him out like a fish and we were all stunned and dying because it was a little funny.....but, wow that water was cold and Bodie didn't cry one bit....crazy! The bad news was that we didn't plan very well and didn't have a change of clothes for Bodie....but we did have his swimsuit and his jacket thank goodness! One of Joel's flip flops (that I had worn down to the beach side also got hit by the wave and one was taken out to sea....Saul saved the day (and me) by spotting it and running and snatching it out of the water!

After the beach.....we hit up our favorite dining location....chick-fil-a! Bodie wasn't interested in his food at all after seeing this little room!

Little poser

Jade and Saul and Saige all played in here.....ha ha! Bodie loved his playmates!

WOW! I love this kid! I love ALL my kids! We had such a good day and that ice-dream cone was the perfect end to it all!!!