Monday, July 19, 2010

13 Months!

Little Bodie Booth is 13 months old! And boy is he a firecracker! He's found his naughty "voice" which he uses anytime we stop him from creating complete havoc in the house!! Even though he is in his "not so easy stage", we are amazed everyday at how much fun he brings to our home.
He's a little explorer and will open every single cabinet in the kitchen and unfortunately, the toilet seat to splash in the water. He definitely keeps us on our (old) toes! At his 12 1/2 month check up, he weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds....(the Dr. once again re-weighed him because she didn't want to think that he only weighed 16 pounds) however, the scale didn't lie!! She's not too worried yet, even though he is way off the chart for his weight, he does gain between his visits so that makes her feel better about his size. He was 29 inches long (30%) and his head was 42 1/2 inches (3%). He's a wee little fellow as we like to call him...ha ha! But, his size does nothing to stop him from doing anything he wants to do around here! He started taking his first steps a few weeks before his first birthday and in the last week or so, he has started using his little legs as his preferred mode of getting from point A to point B! He is such a hoot to watch...he looks like a character from the Living Dead movies, but it's just so awesome to watch him learn new things and watch as his personality continues to grow. He still wears a size 2 diaper and his 12 month old clothes still look huge on him, but he's reaching his milestones and that is all a parent can wish for....he's a healthy, happy little boy.

Little Bodie bug all sprawled out!

Lookin Cool there Bodie....if only he would keep them on!

Yeah, baby!

He still prefers to eat his shoes!

Trying to get out of his "cage"! Even though all of his best toys are in the play yard....he wants nothing to do with it!

Sunday pics.....two cute boys!

More Sunday pics....Joel trying out his "cool" look...I think it's working...ha ha!

Here is his Zombie stance while walking.....he's got such a face!

Enjoying his first In and Out burger....He LOVED it!! Maybe we will feed him one every day to fatten him up!!

Now, that is some good eats!!

He stores his food like a chipmunk!!

We love you little man.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long overdue update....The Beach!

So, yes....I've been a very bad keeper of the blog lately...I have no excuses, but for your viewing delight here are some photos of the fam!! My sister came to visit a few weeks ago and we decided to take her to Laguna...the beach is beautiful there and we managed to find a perfect spot with not that many people. Kyle and Saige were the first ones to brave the super cold was pretty slippery, but they managed to stay upright!

Saige getting a little help from Kyle...I thought this was a sweet picture.

The water was pretty clear, but you can't tell from this picture!

I don't know how they stayed in for as long as they, that water is FUUUREEEZZZING!

Little Bodie bug.....his Auntie Leah made him this hat....isn't it so cute?

Bodie wasn't sure if he liked the sand...but after a while, he decided he did!!

His little swim trunks were a gift for his shower....and they still fit...ha ha! Well, they were a little snug, but they were newborn for goodness sake! He's such a little peanut!

I super love this picture! Bodie sure does love his daddy and daddy sure does love his Bodie!

Getting his crawl on....he's loving the sand at this point!

I think he spies something he wants....Ewwwe! It was a baby crab!

Love this little pic too!! We love it when he lays his head on our shoulders!

Ahhh, sweet daddy pic!

My beautiful sister B! I miss her so much, we had so much fun during her visit.

Bodie sure took to his Aunt B....he let her hold him forever....which isn't normal!! He's usually too busy for such nonsense!

Good times!

Bodie managed to be the only one who didn't get a burn!! But, it was a great day and we are looking foward to checking out the other beaches!

So, my plan is to post some more pictures soon.....I'll stop being so lazy!!