Friday, August 28, 2009


Just some random shots of little Bodie this week...he's totally changing everyday and doing something new....he laughed out loud today, now mind you he was in a semi-sleep state when he did it, but I just imagine he was dreaming about living with Heavenly Father just a few short months ago! He's smiling up a storm now and starting to talk to us...we love it so much, we don't seem to be able to take our eyes off of him for very long!

These shots were taken just hanging out in his crib.....
He was interested in something off to the side apparently!

Love his little face

This is usually how we find him sleeping.....

He looks a little drugged up in this pic! Joel loves pulling his hair down like this and calling him Ceasar....dork!

A goofy self portrait of Bodie and I after my brother scolded me for never being in pictures with him...ha ha. Here you go Quin.

And I found this little gem when I was downloading these's Jade squeezing my baby's face...I'm so going to kick her butt when I see her next! She was lucky I didn't see her doing this...little turd bucket.

Anyway, that is our latest little bug pictures.....we sure like this kid a lot!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 month pics.....

Wow, our sweet boy in already 2 months! I probably sound like a broken record, but holy cow we love this little guy! He makes us all so happy, we can be reduced to tears just seeing him smile at us! He continues to be a very "zen" like baby and is so laid back and easy going. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and be with him, I can't imagine going to work and leaving him with someone else....I don't want to miss a thing! He got his little thumb the other day and Saige and I thought it was the cutest thing we had ever seen! I so wish I had better photography skills, but here he is.....the sweetest baby boy ever!

He loves his hands...he even sleeps with his hands near his face.

Hey Mama....aren't I cute?

Oh yeah, got that hand and boy is it yummy!

Even his toes look like Joel's.....seriously, he IS his mini-me!

His hair seems to be getting more curly every day....whoo hoo!

Bodie's his 2 month checkup he weighed 7 pounds 8oz. He was 21 inches long. He's a wee little thing, only in the third percentile for weight and length...but, he's growing and changing every day! He's starting to smile when you smile at him. He loves to be cuddled up close and sleeps the best when he's on our chest! He's a pretty good sleeper at night, usually only getting up once. And his little face melts our hearts!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kyle's Birthday....

Our second birthday of the month was Kyle's 14th on August 16th. Joel told him he could open one present before church and boy was he excited, he didn't even get dressed! Here he is with the ONE present Joel told him he could open.....with great anticipation, Kyle ripped into the bag....

And he found socks.....

and underwear....Joel is so mean!! I'm sure you can see the "joy" in his eyes over this present!

The Birthday cake....

Blowing out the candles.....

Ready for the "good" presents...ha ha.

Whoo-hoo, shorts he wanted.

This next present is part of our experience living here in Germany and relying on the post office to get things to us on time...Seasons 1 and 2 of The Office and Black and White checkered vans are on the way!! Poor dude.

What is this????

A card from Saige...oops the pics got out of sequence!!

A DVD player....he was very excited for this gift! Now he can watch his Office episodes all night!

And last but not least....

Air Force One low tops (he already has the high tops)
He was very excited for these shoes. Both are staying in good shape and staying white...yay!

Happy Birthday Kyle. We love you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joel's Birthday....

We celebrated Joel's last birthday in his 30's last weekend....we had a lot of fun with him and of course he had us laughing the whole night. This cookie monster cake spoke to me at the store and I had to have it...I bought another cake in case this one was totally disgusting, which it kinda was, but oh well, it was fun!

Jade trying to light all 39 easy feat!

Joel's fake blow out of the candles....(for some reason, some of the pictures won't upload...I actually got the real blow out but this one will have to do!)

Present was all about the shoes this year....AE flip flops...

His beloved many can one man own????

CANDY....Joel's favorite....I'm loving the blue tongue!

Saige got Joel another knife to add to his collection.

Mutilating poor cookie monster's eye.....he's so strange sometimes!

Sambas....who knew Joel would like these!!

Blue teeth....cheesy grin!

I made everyone wear these goofy hats....even Bodie!!

The fam....I love them all so much!

The kids, utilizing the flash...should have had it on all night...DOH!

This is where Bodie is if he's not being held by Joel or me....ha ha! We have to pry him out of her arms....she's such a big help!

My little family. Aren't they all good looking?

Joel and his mini-me!! I love Bodie's little hands!

Sweet little pic of Daddy and his sweet little boy!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Bodie rolled from his tummy to his back today!!! So, not only is he the cutest baby in the world, he is WAY advanced for his age!! Ha ha.
His big sissy is leaving us tomorrow for her second year of hoo. She has been such a huge help this summer. Saige and Kyle would have had serious cabin fever if she was not here to drive them around everywhere! Our picture taking ability is seriously bad, but we took these pics of Bodie and his big sister so he'll know how much she loves him!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little smile!

We were total slackers this week with the camera....but, we did get this little picture of our sweet boy! He is such a good little baby..he hardly ever cries and is sleeping more and more during the's awesome! We adore this child! We keep pinching ourselves because we can't believe that we really have him! Joel gave him his blessing on Sunday and one very sweet lady in our ward wrote it down for us....what an awesome gift. I think I will print it out and have it framed for his room.