Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bodie is TWO!

WoW! Where has the time gone???? Seriously? My baby is 2? I can't stand how fast the years are flying by.....but, we do have this little handsome toddler making us smile every day and occasionally, that same toddler gives us headaches and tears!! But, oh what a joy he is to us. At 2 years old, little Bodie Booth weighs about 21 pounds and he's turned into a picky eater....UGH, just what I need, right? I need to get some weight on this boy and he has decided that almost everything is "yucco" (his favorite word these days...ha ha). We took his bottle away on the very day he turned 2, and he has yet to take more than a few sips of milk from the sippy cup....apparently he DOES NOT think it tastes the same from the sippy! He throws himself dramatically on the floor when he sees us at the fridge pouring it into the cup....he may have a future in T.V. ha! However, the boy does love his sweets....imagine that. I discovered the best way to keep him SITTING in the cart when we are shopping is to give him a sucker (I know, great Mom award here) but, let me tell you....the shopping trips are a lot less stressful. Sadly, his nap times are dwindling.....but, he sleeps like a champ at night and is the first child I've had who sleeps in....HOORAY for that small miracle! He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES music. He has some favorite commercials on T.V. that he will bee line for when he hears them coming on and just sways and "feels" the music! It's the cutest thing to watch and we just love that he is so into music as we like to think of ourselves as music people! He's small, but he's mighty.....he's getting the great honor of being the naughty one in nursery right now....which I just die over....but, I know it's a stage and we just need to squash that Napoleon complex as much as we can...ha! But, as naughty as he can be at times, he can be equally sweet and loving. He loves giving hugs and kisses (as long as we don't bug him too much). And he loves to snuggle up with us and read books and when I say snuggle, I mean he has to have a blanket and everything....even when it's 80 degrees in the house! (Yes, I know I'm cheap B.J.) He really is our dream come true....I'm so beyond thankful that we got him. When looking for pics to use with this post, I discovered that we have really been slacking in the picture taking department....I really need to do better, before I know it, he'll be 3 and I'll only have Sunday pics to post!

He's a dipper! He's not much interested in whatever it is he's dipping...i.e. fries, carrots, chips....he just loves to suck off the dip....ah well, I count that as precious calories at this point!
Bodie made this in nursery for Joel on Father's's a cookie tie. Too cute!

Having a seat in Target...ha ha! I think I might get him this chair, he was just too darn cute sitting in it.

His smoking chair....ha!

Little mischievous smile!

We were pretty lame for his birthday this year....but, he did enjoy the cake! He really loves using forks and spoons now....he's not that great at it yet....but, he keeps trying.


Little profile shot. We got him a Little Tykes Basketball Hoop for his birthday and he is loving it......He has a pretty good shot too!

Daddy and handsome boys!

"Where's that cake Mama?"

This is a little flower that he made me for Mother's Day....I love that he's making us little things now....such a treasure.

Happy Birthday Bodie Bug, Bodie-Licious, and Boo boo....we love you so very much.


The BirdHouse said...

Holy smoke!!! I can't believe he's 2. I was shocked that you didn't throw him a party but Joel explained to me that you give b'day party's every other year!!! LAME-O!! haha Just fact, I should give that one a try! That cake looks delicious and how cute is his picture in your mothers day flower?!?!?!

Nancy Booth said...

What cute b'day pics. He IS such a handsome dude. If I'm ever reincarnated I want to come back as ya'll's little baby boy. He is sooooooo loved. Please keep posting and thank you very much for all these posts. I love your comments too.