Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleepy Head and some Sunday Pics!

It was so nice getting that extra hour of sleep this last Sunday and Bodie was enjoying it a little too much!! We had some friends over Saturday night, so we didn't give Bodie a bath before he went to bed, so we waited and waited for him to wake up so we could give him a quick bath before church, finally I told Joel we would just have to wake him up (which I hate to do) but, it had to be done (I can't risk being late and not getting our pew at church...ha ha). So, Joel went to his room and the next thing I know, he is running downstairs and coming back up with the camera! We find Bodie in some funny positions when he is sleeping, but this was too cute! That stuffed animal makes a good pillow!

Look at those eyelashes will ya???? I swear they are STILL growing!


Another angle....he didn't even wake up with the camera clicking away!

Oh my, we love this kid!

When we finally roused him, we even had a little time to get some Sunday pics! He still looks a little sleepy!

Joel hates Bodie's tie!! I super-duper LOVE it! It went missing for a few weeks and I totally accused Joel of hiding it, but alas, it was tucked in a drawer...too bad Joel, Mama always gets her way!

Father and son......

Kyle still likes getting smoochies from his Daddy!

Very sweet!