Thursday, July 7, 2011

San Diego Trip.....

Joel, Bodie and I got to spend 4 fabulous days in San Diego last week and boy did we enjoy our stay! We took Bodie swimming every day and he's so much fun in the water....he's a little fish and didn't like it one bit when it was time to get out! San Diego is just an awesome city, we stayed downtown on the marina and we were able to enjoy some really great restaurants in the Gas Lamp district. The highlight of Bodie's stay were the elevators...ha. He called them the "ellies" and most days we had to drag him away from them to go to the room! I just love these little mini trips that we get to take because of Joel's's such a nice perk! Next week we are headed for Vegas and again it will just be the three of us....Saige is headed to the Grand Canyon for a week of hiking (she's excited, but I am so glad that my vacation will be pool side with cushy accommodations).

The view from our toilet...not kidding!
So stinking beautiful.

The pool....LOVED IT!

Bodie getting his garb on.....he's not a bit afraid of the water....which can be a good or bad thing considering our new house has a pool....Saige thinks we should just keep his life jacket on during the summer! But, believe me when I say some serious safety precautions will be done before he gets anywhere near that pool!

Daddy and Bodie.....Bodie found this ball and totally stole it because he wouldn't let it out of his grip..ha ha!

Our Fred and Barney feet!

Bodie was a little un-happy about getting out of the pool.

Little turkey!

Still not happy!

These are by far the best pics we took! When we got back to the room and showered, Joel had this towel around him and Bodie kept trying to put a big towel around himself just like Daddy...Joel finally got a hand towel and it fit him was the cutest thing ever!

He had a fit when we forced him to get dressed!


Some shots from our balcony. Not the greatest quality, but it's the best we could do trying to snap it ourselves!

Love my honey-man!

Good times!

You can kind of see Bodie...ha!

Can't wait to go back....we had a wonderful trip.


Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

A hand towel, Hahahahaha!!!! That is freakin awesome. I can not believe how Bodie is looking like a little man, and less like a are looking fabulous!!!!

The BirdHouse said...

San Diego looks awesome and I swear I would have LIVED by that pool the entire time. I love how Joel can't even by a cheap bathing suit but instead goes for RL every time!!! haha How did Bodie do with the floaty??? Lilah has one and she really does well with it! The towel shots are priceless!! haha

Nancy Booth said...

I thought I would die laughing at the towel pictures. How precious that is. A boy copying his father. I can't believe he's wearing a hand towel. hahahahaha