Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Sanuks....AKA Hippie baby!

Okay, so anyone who knows Joel knows that he is a wanna-be Hippie! He found these shoes called Sanuks a couple of years ago and being the wonderful wife that I am, have bought him several pairs since....last year I went back to the states to get Jade settled at college and my sister and I were shopping at Nordstroms Rack when I found another pair of these shoes for Joel...well, my sister remembered the style of shoe and found these amazing baby sanuks and brought these for Bodie when she came with my mom after Bodie was born. They look so tiny, but it will be a good 6 months before they'll fit our little guy...but how fun are they? Joel opened them up and I think they are his favorite gift yet.....Like daddy like son....that's his goal!

Jade, being the goober she is, liked them too and ordered a pair for know us, we are a houndstooth loving family!

Hippie daddy and hippie Bodie....ha ha.

He has the sweetest face on earth...I know, I'm biased just a little!

Trying out his new swing....which he really isn't getting much use of yet...because Mama still doesn't want to put him down!

He looks so tiny still.....I love it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1 month old pictures....

So, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Bodie is 1 month old today! I'm going to be so sad if the time continues to fly by like this! We are enjoying this little baby boy so's just so amazing to see him change and do new things everyday. I stole this idea from another blog (Kelly you'll recognize this..ha ha) but, it's a good one and a way to make sure we remember what he's doing every month. We took about a million pictures with the sign and this was the best shot...he's a wiggly little worm!

What Bodie is doing this month....he's starting to smile and loves to be held. He hates having a dirty diaper and lets us know immediately when he needs to be changed! He started to sleep 5 hours at night and it's sooooo nice.....I hope that continues! He loves the bathtub and is so good during his bath.

whatta a face!

We finally got the pillows right so that he could stay upright....sorta!

He's still so little.....I LOVE it!

He's getting tummy time here....not sure if he likes it! But, I love his little face!

Daddy shot of the day.

He's soooooo OVER it....give me my lunch Mommy!

What a joy he is to have in our home, we are so blessed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bouncer and Bedtime stories!

Bodie tried out his new bouncer for the first time this week....and it swallowed him whole..ha ha. I still can't bear to put him down much, but I'm slowly getting there...the dishes need to be done at some point!

Holy cow, I love his little face!

Daddy read him his first bedtime story and of course we thought it was the cutest thing ever! Now, all of us have read to him, but Joel's made the camera!

Bodie says, "hmmmm I like this!"

Joel getting irritated that we are taking his picture!

It worked!! Bodie is off to snooze-ville!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Bodie Love....

Still loving life with this little sweet boy! I can hardly stand to put him down...he's going to get used to this life and I'll totally be sorry later!! Here are some shots from this week...he's already changing on us...I just want to freeze the time and have him stay little forever. At his three week checkup, he gained 6 ounces and is now 5 pounds 13 oz. and is 19 and 1/4 inches long. He also received his little snipping and I about cried my eyes out. He's doing great though, he was hardly fussy and slept like an angel....he's strong and his Mama is a wimp!

This is my favorite picture...he has such a sweet face!
Still his favorite thing to do...and one of the few times that he was in his bed!

His daddy's favorite thing to do too!! ha ha.

Saigee-kins...she wants to hold him the most out of the kids.

Jade and Saige's so nice having Jade home for the summer.

Nana and her grandson.

Joel's next favorite thing to do!!

Kyle getting Bodie time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Introducing our little bundle of JOY!

Bodie Navor Booth was born June 18th 2009 at 2:40 p.m. He weighed 5 lbs 9 oz. and was 19 inches long. Words cannot express how much we love and adore this little boy. He is perfect in every way. I have to force myself to put him down, I could hold and stare at him all day! So far he has been an extremely easy baby, he wakes up, nurses, and goes back to sleep for 3 to 4 hours. He had a weight check today and he still isn't up to his birth weight, but he is a good eater and I hope by next week's checkup he will gain some weight.

Joel got this shot right when the pulled him from my womb! He wants to know why all of sudden he was pulled from his warm, cozy home!!

I love this picture of him...his little scrunched up face is the cutest thing ever!

It broke our hearts to see him struggling to breathe...his little grunting sounds were so sad...but, he's a fighter and recovered so fast.

The only thing he got from me....his awesome hair!! It's already getting hoo, I would have loved it staying jet black!

I just want to eat him up!

He loves looking at his daddy...probably because he looks just like him!

Saige getting in her daily love! There's that scrunched up face again!

Jade liked this pic so much she used it for her profile pic on Facebook!

Sporting his cute outfit that his awesome aunt Kelly sent him! She's the bomb...can't wait to dress him in all of the outfits she sent!

His mismatched outfit!! Trying to keep him warm in our stone cold house! I got the frog socks in Japan and have been carrying them with me ever since...I so hoped I would have a little boy someday to wear them! My dream came true.

Kyle and his little bro....he's been so sweet with him. He's going to be an awesome big brother.

He's digging on that binkie!!

Hopefully I'll keep the blog updated better...I know we'll have lots more pictures now that he's here!!