Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wedding Trip........

Last weekend we drove to NM for my little sister's was a fast trip (only 3 days) and a long drive (10 hours)....but, we had a really good time and visit! One of the highlights was my Dad giving Bodie a ride on his tricycle! We all loved riding this bike, ESPECIALLY Bodie! He loves being outside and didn't want to get out when we were all pooped out! I had so much fun on the bike that 3 days after we got home, I bought a trike for me...ha ha! It's awesome, because I'm terrified of falling over with Bodie on a regular bike and this is a perfect alternative! My dad is so stinking cute.....he rides his bike everyday!

I love this!

Joel's turn......I can't tell you how much fun this bike is!

We didn't get ANY good pics at the wedding....the outside pics were awful because of the wind and Bodie wasn't in the, these are the best we have! Daddy and Bodie wore matching suits.....Lainie's colors were pink and silver and we coordinated nicely....ha ha!

Trying not to be swept away!

My gorgeous sister B! She was the matron of honor. And she LOVED wearing this pink you B!

B and Kyle

Jade and Saul were able to come too.....I was thrilled....I miss her so much.

She had a blast dancing.....she even did her own version of the robot! Too funny. AND she got Kyle on the dance floor!

My daddy and Saige dancing.

Saul and Jade's first year anniversary was the day after Lainie's wedding, so they left a little early and drove to Durango to stay at a cute bed and breakfast. I'm so glad my girl is so happily married....they are doing so well and I'm so proud of them.

The wedding couple! Lainie looked beautiful....pretty crazy that the baby of the family is now a married woman!

Here is a little video of my Dad and Bodie taking a ride.....LOVE IT!