Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Pictures and a Little Valentine Love!

Hey there! We got a few Sunday pictures this week, we are sadly missing a certain 15 year-old boy. ( who ever said that GIRLS take forever to get ready didn't live with a certain 15-year-old boy....ha ha) Kyle was still styling his hair and so, we'll have to make sure (force) to get him next week! We may even do a special "Kyle Sunday Picture Post" I'm sure he would just love that!
Anyway, here are some of the shots we got.....I could just die over Bodie's face in the first one!
Man, I love this little boy!

He is such a happy little thing.....until we take too many pictures!!

Still happy!

Getting a little bored with the camera!


Two happy girls!

I never really do much decorating for Valentines, but this year I got a little inspired to throw a few touches around the house. I love my dough table so much, it has become my "seasonal" area to decorate. I just put a few simple items together, nothing fancy...but, I love it! I got the topiary in an after-Christmas clearance section and I.LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH! I just cut the top off (Joel cut the top off...ha ha) and made it look more round on top and I totally have a topiary that doesn't scream Christmas at all. And you wouldn't believe how cheap I got it...SCORE!
Anyway, a little Valentine Vignette....it makes me happy!

Heart wreath from Tai Pan...I love that place.


More love!

And the pink marshmallows started it all!!! I saw these heart marshmallows at Target and basically got me thinking about how cute they would be in a glass jar....so, of course they came home with me and how stinking cute are they? The kids know they are just for decoration, which they don't really get at all....but, what can I say????

Joel doesn't get it either and every day a few are missing....ah well, hopefully we will still have some by February 14th!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodie is 19 months.........

Soooooo, I had great intentions for Bodie's 18 MONTH post, but....WOW, somehow he turned 19 months...how the heck did that happen???? My little boy is growing up on me and I'm not a bit happy about it! I don't think words could ever express how much I adore this little boy...he really makes my heart swell and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father gave him to us. At his 18 month checkup last week we finally hit a milestone! He made the chart baby!!! At least in his height and bone growth...not anywhere close on his weight, but he did hit the big 2-0! He was in the 3rd percentile for his height and bone growth, so we are doing the happy dance around here! He is soooooo completely active and any calorie intake we do manage to get in him is quickly burned off by all his crazy energy, but he's healthy and happy and we couldn't ask for anything more. He's not a big speaker, but he totally knows exactly what we are talking about and we think he's a genius, but what parent doesn't think that? Some of things he loves to do right now is running to the door anytime anyone goes in or out...(he's trying to escape)
He loves to follow both Kyle and Saige and loves them both like crazy. He's pretty attached to his bottle and pretty much only sits still to drink it! He started nursery at church this month and he's been a total champ about it. The nursery leader did inform us that he does prefer to eat the crayons rather than color...but, a few little surprises in his diaper is a small price to pay for two hours of relaxation during church.... ha ha! He loves playing with other kids and I really need to find a play group for him...he's a social little bug.
Anywhoo...that's the latest on our little bug...we just all love him to death and he's so much fun for us.

His favorite spot! Anytime he sees me heading for this chair he runs ahead of me and sprawls out so I can't sit down....he cracks me up!
He cracks himself up too!

He also likes to scare me with climbing on EVERYTHING! This chair is a rocker and it has propelled his little skinny butt a few times...which usually cracks me up too!

Oh, how I love this little face!

Saige and I were out shopping this last weekend and we stopped at a little thrift store and found this cute little car. I totally saw it as a decoration for his room, but also knew that he would have a blast with it when he gets a little older and can reach the pedals. We took him to the park to let him play and get in a little photo shoot.

He climbs on EVERYTHING....did I mention that already??? ha ha

LoVe HiM!

He spots the slide....

And he's off and running!

Daddy and son......Bodie adores his Daddy.

Especially when he takes him to the slide!

He was so cute....it was a little chilly, but he wanted to go down that slide over and over!

Pure joy on his face!

And here!

Sissy helped out from the top.

He was squealing with delight the whole time!

Another Daddy shot....

Love these boys!

Little love bugs!

More shots with the car.......

He loved it when Joel pushed it down the pavement!

Here are some videos! So stinking fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho....It's Santa Jo Jo!!

This is a great story!! At our ward Christmas Party, we were sitting at our table minding our own business, when a sweet lady from the ward approached us and gave us a sob story about how nobody would agree to be the Santa for the kids at the end of the program and asked (begged) Joel to step up to the plate!! After much laughing about his response..."you asking me because I'm a little pudgy?" And the sweet lady stammering all over herself that of COURSE that was not why...ha ha...Little Jo Jo Booth agreed to don the Santa suit and the rest is history!
I wished I had a video of his entrance...he strutted the whole way...let me tell you, it was hilarious!

I begged Saige to go and sit on Santa's lap with Bodie...I was trying to make her do a scared face and she didn't quite nail it...but, Bodie's face is priceless...he didn't cry, but he sure didn't like Santa either!! What a great memory!