Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mary Poppins, Bert, and the Chimney Sweeps!

Major Halloween Photo Overload coming up...ha ha! There were so many great pictures, I just couldn't stop adding them! I was determined to put together a family theme this year for Halloween and had a blast putting together our "Mary Poppins" costumes! Joel went along with it...just a little moaning and groaning! I even got Kyle to dress up (major coup there)...ha ha!
I think we looked stinking cute, if I do say so myself!

Mary and Bert....we go together like peas and carrots!

Kyle took a bunch of these pictures...on manual mode...he's taking a photography class at school and did such a good job!

And now, for the cutest little bitty chimney sweep EVER!!! He was such a hit at our ward Halloween party!! I could just smooch his little dirty face all day!

LOVE THESE SHOTS!! Didn't Kyle get some great pics? Good job my boy!

Smoochy face....hmmmm!

He loved being on the swing! The rest of the photo shoots were a little less exciting for him!

Joel and I made such a cute kid...ha ha!

Trying to get him to hold his chimney broom...with limited success!

And he's off........I presume to find a dirty fireplace somewhere!

Bodie was getting over it by now...but, we still got some good shots!

Had to put this one in for Joel's face!!

Another chimney cute is she? Lovin the brooms...they turned out so great! I just used some dowels, hot glue and pipe cleaners!

And now a third chimney sweep!! He's the tall brooding one, but he sure is handsome...and look...NO SOOT! He drew his line in the dirt for that one!! Ah well, I was just glad that he dressed up at all!!

How fun is this pic...just playing around!

HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE NIGHT!! Bodie's face is just to die for...and he's holding his broom (not so easy with a 16 month old!!) You can see his little bitty gloves that I found and cut off the ends....LOVE IT!

Here are some from inside, before the makeup!

LOVE his little face here too!

The broom was almost bigger than him!

Some Daddy shots! Bodie was sick of us making him hold that broom!

So, Daddy held it for him!

The boys!!


It was a super fun night! I love making these memories with my family! Even if I had to coax and beg at times...I'm sure they will always remember our 2010 Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Honor Roll Kiddos!

I HAD to do a post and brag about our two older children...ha ha! They both brought home EXCELLENT report cards for their first quarter of the school year! Kyle made the A/B honor roll and Saige got straight A's! They both worked very hard and we are very proud of them! I may even get them a bottle of sprite for their efforts...ha ha!

These pics were taken a few months ago....aren't they cute?
Congratulating each other....we'll just pretend it was for their grades!

We got us some good kids!

And to their massive surprise.....there isn't one pic of Bodie!

Another "Conductor" Bodie video!!

Here is another video of Bodie conducting the band!! Thought the Grandmas and Grandpas would enjoy!!! He's a charmer...but, we aren't biased or anything!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saige's band SPECTACULAR and a little video of Bodie-LISH!

Saige made advanced band this year and she is having so much fun doing all the "grown up" activities that come with junior high! She was in the Hesperia City parade a few weeks ago and sadly we didn't get any clear pictures of that, but last week her school participated in a band extravaganza. We sat in the stands and enjoyed listening to all the middle schools and high schools in her school district. Her little band outfit is so cute and she is so stinking cute in it! We got a few good shots, but the far shots didn't come out that great, but you get the idea!

Saige and a band friend!
I can't get this picture to rotate.....ARGH! But, still a cutie pie!

Ah, my sweet Saige is growing up.

Hesperia Jr. High Marching Band

Bodie is starting to smile for the, I love his little squishy face!

Joel Booth Mini Me!

He has so much fun and everyone around us was paying attention to him and his shenanigans!

Our little baby boy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES music. He stops whatever he is doing when a good song comes on and has started dancing too! Now, I swear that in this video, Joel is doing nothing to move's all is OWN MOVES! And boy does he get his boogie on!!!! Right in the middle of him clapping he breaks out a little shimmy shake that is the cutest thing ever! He's gifted I tell you!