Friday, June 25, 2010

Bodie's First Birthday......

Bodie is now 1....WOW, this year has just flown by.....I can't stand it! I just love planning parties and I couldn't wait to give Bodie is first Birthday was a blast putting it all together and everything turned out great! I saw a milk and cookies party for a baby shower a year ago and have been thinking about it since! I think it worked perfectly for a little boy's first birthday! We can't say enough how much we love this little guy....he has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. I love seeing him grow and do new things every single day and even though I would love it if time just slowed a little, I don't take any days for granted! His one year appointment is on the 28th and I'll get his stats then, but he's hitting all his milestones and then some and of course we think he is the smartest baby there is! Here are his pictures......

The cookie station.....the red flowers were a last minute addition!

Tim....I love these are sooooo good!

I bought two of these tubs for a saaaweeet deal (of course) and I super love them. I totally didn't get a picture of all the little milk bottles that I made to give as favors in the tub of was cute though!

The cookie favors with left over bags from Jade's wedding!!

I got 20 of these brown and white polka dot balloons...I love how they look!

I love these paper flowers....they just look so dang cute! And I loved how the whole table looked.

It took us forever to figure out where to put this happy birthday was huge!

Love his cake....we got it at a place called Bodacious cute is that? I took them a picture and they re-created it perfectly!

The drink station....I'm sooooo ticked that I didn't get a picture with the vintage milk bottle...oh well.

We decorated his high chair!

He loved opening his presents!

A sit and spin...whoo-hoo!

Some cool glasses from a cool guest!!

He kept eyeing this super cute little girl....he's already a flirt!

He didn't want to have anything to do with this hat....ha ha!

Attempting to get it on his head!

He's about to have a cow....ha ha...we gave up!

He wasn't sure what to do at first....but as soon as that first handful of cake went in...he had a blast!

Is he the cutest boy ever???

We think so!

The chocolate cake matches his eyes!

A little shot of his party favors...

I thought they turned out great!

1% milk for his 1st Birthday!

Well, that's it for the pics....of course I forgot to take a bunch of shots....but, overall I just loved throwing him this party!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Bodie Monkey......

We have a climber on our hands! Bodie isn't happy unless he's climbing on something. He takes no notice at how sturdy the piece is...he's got tunnel vision! I don't even know if buying more gates is worth it, he'll climb up those too! He's such a mess....why didn't I have one of these when I was 20? Ha ha!

His new little walker toy....yeah, he tries to climb this too!

I just love his serious faces! I just want to smooch his little face off!

This toy is just TOO boring....let me see if I can climb it somehow!

Ah-ha! Perfect for making Mommy's heart skip a beat picturing a concussion or fat lip!

Yes, that's better.....SIT DOWN BODIE!!!

A couple of I didn't see first hand....which is a good thing...I'm such a nervous Nellie!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Splish, splash, Bodie was taking a bath......

Yesterday Joel put Bodie in our huge bathtub for a swim...ha ha! He LOVED fact, I'm sure he'll have a cow if we try to bathe him in his little toddler tub again! He's a little fish and loves to be nakey! Unfortunately, he also loves to drink the water...yuck! He's such a little hoot...and I know we go on and on about how little he is...but, let me tell you....I'm so thankful!! Today at church I held a little boy the same age as Bodie while his Aunt played the piano and he had to weigh at least 35 pounds....whew!!! What a work out that would be everyday...on second thought....maybe that would be a good thing for me...ha!
He may be a little peanut, but we sure couldn't adore him any more than we do!

Enjoy the pics...they aren't too scandelous!!

Hmmmm, what can I put in my mouth??

Perfect, a cup

Yum, tasty!

Come on Daddy, let me drink the water!

Who needs bath toys?

And now folks, get that camera outta my face.....and "shut your mouth" (an inside joke...ha ha)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saigeeeee Baby is 12 years!

So, Dog the Bounty Hunter has Baby Lisa, we will always have Saigeee Baby!! Talk about time moving at lightening is this girl 12 already? I totally thought that I would never have another child after Jade and when I found out I was pregnant, I was beyond excited. She has been such a huge blessing to our family. She is always willing to help and has such a sweet heart. She loves her little brother and doesn't even care that she's not the baby of the family anymore! He is so lucky to have such a loving sister in his life...she will always take care of him and make sure he turns out as sweet as she is!!

We didn't do a huge party this year, she's having a few friends over for a slumber party and we just opened presents and had cake with the family.

12 years, a young woman now....kinda blows my mind!
The latest family member to sport Sanuks!! Mama sure doesn't love the shoes, but she sure does love the zebra print...ha ha!

Cute shirt! Cuter face!

Saige requested a Yoga Dvd....what????? Oh well, maybe she'll be like her older sister and always have good exercising habits!!

Catching her reaction to a crisp C-note...priceless....poor kid still thinks this is a lot of money!

All of her birthday dough.....Papa and Nana, Regan and Yvette, and Quinton all sent her some money to spend.....and I actually talked her into using some of it on a mini-makeover for her room....Joel says I'm evil....but, she takes after me, she loves to decorate!!

Good stuff.....I can see a trip to the mall in the future!

With her favorite little boy!

Happy Birthday Sweet Saige...we love you so much!