Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bodie Bug.....

Most of these pics were taken by Kyle while Saige was holding him....I thought they turned out great! He has a good eye! Bodie has become a slobbering maniac! We keep thinking we see a tooth, but surely we are seeing things....he's WAY too little to have a tooth already..ha...and as a nursing Mama...the prospect of a tooth doesn't sound too appealing right now!

Looks like his Daddy in this pic.

He's getting some chubby cheeks....we LOVE it!

Blow this pic up...and look at those eye lashes.

Saige's favorite picture....Joel must have been messing with his hair again!

I love his little expression in this picture.

Double chin!

And sadly look what we found on his little pillow....yep, that's right...his hair is falling out like there is no tomorrow....we are so sad. But, hopefully his new hair will come in curly...just like his Daddy-O!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bodie is 3 months old........

Our sweet boy is 3 months old today. I wish I could make time go in slow motion...I want to savor every moment with this beautiful gift from Heavenly Father. He just totally makes my heart melt. He's finally getting a little chub on him and we just love it! However, his little 0 to 3 month outfit that he has on for these photos still swamps him! It's so funny to see how big everything is on him. What a bundle of joy he is in our home. We can be having the worst day and all it takes to make us happy is holding him and seeing his little expressions. He's smiling up a storm these days and is starting to grab for things. He likes his bouncer seat and can really get it going now. On Monday, he weighed just over 9 pounds and was almost 22 inches long, putting him in the 2nd percentile...whoo hoo! I totally want him to be healthy and grow, but I secretly love that he is still so small! I can just smooch and snuggle with him all day!

Here is our little man in his grown up outfit! ha ha
He wasn't too happy for these pics....I think it was time to eat yet AGAIN! These two hour feedings are really getting old!

Yep. just a hint of a smile....almost!

Blurry pic, but a little smile.....I know he gets so sick of me smooching on those tiny lips!!

His eyelashes have taken on a life of their seems like every single day they are getting longer and's amazing and I LOVE it. I always wanted long eye lashes, so he didn't get them from me....but, we tried to get some shots to show how long they are.

Life doesn't get any better!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The other children.....

Yes, get your mouth off the floor, this post doesn't have one picture of Bodie!! We do have other children, they just don't usually do anything that is blog worthy...ha ha! However, I thought these little pics from one of their antics was worth posting!! EVERYDAY Saige asks me if she can have one of my caffeine-free Diet Cokes, and EVERYDAY, I tell her NO. She decided to enlist Kyle to her cause and protest the fact that we don't get them any "good" drinks. This is what they came up with....pretty creative if you ask me!!

For some reason, they thought dressing up in weird clothing would help their cause and make is seem like more of a "real" strike! (old glasses from her Velma halloween costume)
Kyle wearing the Harry Potter can't see the rest of him, but he was dressed up too!

Kyle's slogan....very funny!
Another one of his ideas! Maybe he should go into advertising...he's good at slogans!

They used yard sticks, paint brushes and pencils to hold up their signs.

I've enjoyed giving them milk even more now after seeing this sign.

They thought including Bodie would help their cause. (oops, I lied, there is little Bodie in this post....hee hee)

While this little protest didn't help their cause any, they sure are cute and funny!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Bumbo seat......

Bodie's little bumbo seat came in yesterday and it is so funny to see him sitting in it! He is such a slice of heaven.....I just can't stand how much I want to smooch and love on him all day! I actually put him in his swing today to do some housework and I lasted about 20 minutes...ha ha.
Here is our big boy in his new big boy seat!

Hmmmm, not sure if I like this Mom.....

But, boy do I look cute!

Here is a little video....he's griping a little bit, but we love to hear his little noises!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting some tummy time!