Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Boys Arrive......Finally!

Our summer with the boys is going really well....we've really enjoyed having fun together and Joel is really loving that the boys out-number the girls for a change!

You can almost see Kyle's eyes in this pic....and WOW they are a gorgeous blue color!

Kyle trying to scare Brannon as he came down the stairs.

Jade coming down the stairs....prepared for the picture....Japanese style!

Kyle and Jade playing on the trampoline.

Nice shot of Brannon being can almost see his eyes!!

Kyle and Jade playing with the camera....aren't Kyle's eyes beautiful????

A picture of my honey....he is sooooo cute

Kyle jumping out of a picture, eh?

This is totally posed!!

Monkey Kyle!
Brannon let us mess with his awesome hair, first we "fro'd" it out and then Jade thought it would look good in a pony tail....and she was RIGHT! All of us loved seeing his face!

It took a while!!! Brannon has more hair than all of us combined!

LOVE the sideburns!! Very cute.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our first visitors in Germany!

We finally got some state side visitors!! My parents and brother Quinton traveled here for Jade's graduation and we got to show them a few of the beautiful sites around our home in Germany. Here are the highlights!

We didn't get many pictures of our day trip to Trier...the oldest city in Germany...but here is a pic of my dad on a double decker bus...ready for the city tour.

Quin and Jade in an old Roman Collisum in once held over 20,000 thousand people and gladiators and animals fought here.

This is just a random shot of my mom pointing the price of jalepeno peppers in the commissary! She was amazed! $7.47 a pound!

The next trip we made was to Cologne, Germany. We took the train and this is the first thing you see when you step out of the station. Pretty amazing. This dom was started in 1200 a.d. and took over 400 years to complete. I think it's the most awesome structure we've seen in Germany.

Street performers are everywhere! This once danced for Saige and blew her a kiss!

Very funny! I wonder how much money he makes a day.

Our next stop in Cologne was to a chocolate factory...Joel being Joel found the hemp chocolate!!
He won't be eating it of course....he just likes to think about! He's so cute.

A shot of one the giant machines inside the factory.

My dad and Joel on the train. The scenery was beautiful, the country is so green and lush.

This is a shot of the Rhine river. Cologne is a huge city, but it's surprisingly clean.

This was taken at the Military memorial cemetary in Luxembourg. My parents really enjoyed this visit.

My dad stading in front of George S. Patton's grave. This was a thrill for both of my parents.

Our next stop was to one of Germany's most gorgeous castles...Burg Eltz. It was built in the 15 century and is totally intact. All of us were so impressed with how beautiful this place was and the setting looked like something out of a fairy tale. Saige is pretending to shoot an arrow from the bridge!

Joel and Saige at one of the guard points!

My mom and Saige looking at the tiny did they shoot out of these tiny windows?

The fam!

Saige and her nana and papa. She was so excited to have them come visit.

Jade and Saige in the courtyard of the castle.

A shot of the is so cool to see this in real life!
So, I hope these pictures are enough to entice certain family members (you know who you are...Tom, Nancy, Tim and Kelly!!!) to come and see us! We would just LOVE to have all of you come!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, so be aware...this is a HUGE picture post! We took so many pictures of Jade's was nearly impossible to pick which ones to put on this post!
I'm not sure where to begin! My sweet Jade is now a bona fide adult! How is that even possible? It just seems like yesterday that my sister was screaming in my foggy post surgery state that I had a baby girl with Daddy's dimples!! What a blessing this baby girl has been in my life. Words cannot express how proud of her I am...I could never have guessed that Heavenly Father would have thought for one second that I was capable of raising such an outstanding human being! She has been blessed with so many gifts and talents and she just continues to develop them with her hard work and determination. She decided in 7th grade that she wanted to be the Valedictorian of her graduating class...from that day forward she has pushed herself beyond belief to reach that goal. And she did it! I know that the next chapter in her life is ready to happen...and I KNOW she is ready to take it on...I just don't know how I'm going to handle not seeing her bright and positive face every day! The phone lines better be strong, because they will be used to the extreme from Germany to Utah! Here are the pictures from her awesome graduation day.

Jade standing next to her school mascot...the BARON!

Jade getting in trouble for being too close to the mascot and almost tipping it over!!!!

Jade and her Uncle Quinton...that medal represents YEARS and YEARS of late night studying and just hard core determination!

Yeah baby!!! "I'm done"!

Nana and Papa came all the way from New Mexico to see their first grandchild graduate from High School.

Saige and her "Sissy"....she loves her so much and looks up to her...what a great example she has been.

Jade, Saige and Uncle "twin twin"!! Quinton flew in from San Diego!

Nana and Jade.

My dad being a goof ball! He is so cute!

Proud Papa and his "hita"!

Chris looking for Jade....always!

Jade and her AP calculus teacher! This class nearly killed her!

Jade and her "interesting" friend!! We actually love this kid! He's a riot.

The Principal and Guidance Counselor! I'm sure she is happy that Jade won't be bugging her about her class standing every day!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian.....they both gave awesome speeches.

And finally.......Jade's Japanese pose and her silly boyfriend Chris!
So, I know this post is braggy!! But, parents are allowed to be a little bit braggy once in a while....right?? Good luck my little Jado....we will miss you so much.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saige's 10th Birthday!

Saige had a super 10th Birthday! Her Nana and Papa were here to help celebrate her special day! We had a small family party this year and we all had a lot of fun.

My attempt at cake decorating!!

Saige being silly! My dad and brother looking on....

Her "fake" take at blowing out the candle...the real one didn't turn out!!

Nana brought lots of fun gifts...this one is a necklace. She knows Saige loves jewelry!

Hugging her pink DS!!