Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faux Hawk.......

The other day, after Bodie's bath...I got his hair to stay up in a faux-hawk and snapped these pics...he is sooooo stinking cute! I can't stand it!

He looks like his Daddy-O!

"What up, Mama"?

Drool, drool go away!!

Hands down, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE PICTURES!!! This captures his little naughty self so well!!! I LOVE IT!

Wish his hair would stay up!!

He is so much fun and he started to give me heaven!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Another project checked off the list!! I bought this settee in Belgium on an awesome shopping trip with my friend Valerie a few months before we left Germany. That shopping trip was very fruitful...ha ha! I got this settee, the huge dough bowl and a secretary for super low prices! We were very giddy with our visions of what they "could" be!! I initially wanted it to be covered in an antique french burlap sack, but the upholster guy shot that idea down! He insisted that it wouldn't look right, so I trusted him and went with my plan B. I wanted something to go with my houndstooth chairs, so I picked a white (yes, white...what was I thinking?) and black print...It turned out so stinking cute! However, once I got it in the room, I hated it with the just looked too, after making Saige move furniture with me (Joel was at work and I couldn't wait) it landed in the entry way...and I think I like it!! But, now I have to paint the sofa table that I put in there....ah, the projects never end!!

Here is the before....can you see the potential I saw?!!!

Here it is in the entry way....I also changed the seats from two cushions to one...I SUPER LOVE IT!

Here it is in the living just looked off with my bulky chairs.

Now I have to find another piece....let the search begin...shhhhhh, don't tell Joel...hee hee! Good thing I'm a bargain hunter!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bodie is ten months old!!

Wow, our little Bodie boy is 10 months old today! This year is just flying by and it's driving me crazy. I want this little guy to stay my tiny little baby just a wee bit longer!! He is a mess and a half!! He can get himself into ANYTHING he wants or sees and becomes very angry if we try to hinder him in any way! How dare us? ha ha. He's had a rough couple of days...two teeth are trying to break through and he's not a bit happy about it! Last night he cried for 2 hours...poor little bug....and poor us..ha ha! I could hardly keep my eyes open at church today! Even though the teething thing is kicking his butt, he's a happy boy most of the time. He has the cheesiest grin ever and we just adore him to no end! With his 1st birthday fast approaching, I think we want to savor every moment of his infant-hood! We are so lucky.

"Look Mom, the diaper box IS a great toy!

"Now, how do I get out of it?"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who's that lady??????

Here's little Bodie Boo in his spring/Easter outfit! This kid's closet is a little out of control...but between Joel and I, (and his Aunt Kelly) I guess there is no getting around it!!

Look at that little bit of drool on his lip!! His 5th tooth is coming in....wish we could skip the whole teething process!

Yum, a plastic Easter egg....

This dang picture won't rotate.....and it's hilarious! It looks like a mug shot!

I love this little picture...his eyelashes are to die for and he is just so stinking cute!

Look at that kisser!! OOOOOhhhh I love this kid!

Now the reason for the title!! We noticed a while ago that every time a certain commercial would come on T.V., Bodie would stop whatever he was doing to look at the T.V. It's a Swiffer commercial where a broom is getting kicked out because of the new swiffer...well, the broom falls for a discarded mop and they fall in love...and the song "who's that lady" plays...This is the only commercial that gets his attention and it is so, Joel got this little video...too fun!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bodie got some crocks!

Here are a few pictures showing off Bodie's new shoes...he's not sure if he likes them on his feet, he much prefers to chew on them! He also had his 9 month well baby check up on Tuesday and I'm so glad we found this Dr. She is amazing and she loves Bodie! She totally smooches on him for 5 minutes every time we go! She was a tiny bit concerned about his measurements, she didn't trust the tech's measurements and kept re-doing them, but they were right. He's a teeny-tiny! He weighed 14 pounds 4 ounces (off the chart) and was 26 and 3/4 long (10th percentile). After checking his previous marks, she didn't seem as concerned and his iron was great, so he's getting his, she let us go!! Hopefully he'll do some major growing before his next visit!

Are these shoes stinking cute or what? Wish he would keep them on!

Look at those choppers!! He has a gap just like Saige...soooo CA-UTE!

Still sporting his 4 month jeans...ha! At least we get really good use out of all his clothes!

I love this serious!

Daddy showing him how to stand on his new footwear!

The removing procedure begins!! Next stop...his mouth!