Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Popcorn Popping.......

This year, Saige participated in her school's science fair....we were told that it was voluntary however, anyone who didn't do a project would see their science grade dropped by one letter grade...hmmm, that sounds pretty mandatory to me!! So, we set about doing this fun project...she decided to ask the question...Which brand of microwave popcorn pops the most kernels....sounds easy enough, right? Well, ask Saige how easy it was to count every single kernel of corn, popped and unpopped for 15 bags of popcorn!! ha ha. I think she thought it would be a little easier, but in the end, we had fun putting it all together. Here is the finished presentation board.

We brought all that popped popcorn in cute little popcorn bags to give away, sadly we didn't get a picture before they were gobbled up! Turns out we should have brought the bags in when the projects were being judged...a little bribery could have helped her place!!!

What a cute girl!

Glad that project is over with!! Now, on to the next!
Good job Saige!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our cute little boy crawling...kind of!!

Joel got the cutest little video of Bodie crawling/scooting!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bodie is 8 months old!

Our sweet boy is 8 months old today!! I can't believe he is only 4 months away from turning one...time is such a precious thing...he's growing like a weed and doing something new all the time! At his follow up check up, he weighed 13 pounds 8 oz. He gained a whole pound in a month!! The Dr. was very happy about that and we don't have to go back until his next well baby check-up. He is SUCH a GOOD BABY! He's even cutting teeth and we can't believe how good he's doing! He's scooting like crazy and loves to sit on the floor with his toys....unless he sees something more interesting like Saige's homework or the sonic cup someone left within reach!! He's eating more solids and loves his graham cracker treat each day! He's learning to use his sippy cup but still seems surprised when he gets something out of it! He devoloped a slightly nasty habit of biting when he nurses, but I think I've finally broken him of that....thank goodness!! He's turning into a pretty good sleeper, we can get a good 8 hours each night, so that has been heavenly! We just adore this little guy, more than words could ever describe. Enjoy these funny pics!

What a cutie!

Look at those two teeth!!

I thought Joel would LOVE this pic....he looks a little drunk!!

I'm too cool for you!

And now.....I'm over it...get that camera out of my face MOM!!!

Music time....he loves that daddy!

Video time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decorating fun.......

So, here's a little glimps into the beginnings of my decorating endeavors with the new house....I still have a long way to go and a headful of ideas....but, I have to be patient and not spend a ton of money!! My old stuff will just have to do for now...ha ha!

This is the family's a huge area, but our things are fitting pretty nicely. I never use the same furniture in the same rooms when we move, so I feel like it's fresh! The desk used to be in our bedroom and the bookshelf was used in the dining room in Germany. I like it a lot more now!

The skinny dresser was in our bedroom too....not sure if I like it here yet!

The old dining a bookshelf.....I LOVE my cow print boxes, I'm kicking myself for not buying more!

I love this little hook and lantern....bought this on a fabulous shopping trip with my friend Valerie in Belgium. Not sure what I'm going to do with the bowl and stand, probably add some flowers.

The mirror is a new purchase from it on clearance....Score!! I love how thick the frame is, I'm a sucker for square things that are chunky!!

The train clock that my sweetheart bought me for our anniversary last finally has a place that shows it off properly!

The infamous bread bowl! I added the wreath for a little color....I think I like it!!

The living room...this room has a long way to go....but, Joel hung my burlap curtains last weekend and it made a step in the right direction! I'm planning on painting the secretary black very soon!

A new wreath from Tai Pan over the piano...needs some more tweaking, but I LOVE the's huge and I love the curly-q's!!

Well, that's it for now....I have all the major pieces for Bodie's nursery in and I can't wait to finish it up...he has the best room in the house...ha ha! I'll post pics soon.