Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Breakfast!

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a Back to School Breakfast for the YW....I love me a good reason to have a party!!

These were the invites....the girls all ate the apples...ha ha!

 I thought they turned out pretty cute!
 Of course I forgot to take pictures when the girls were actually here and of all the place settings....but, I did remember to take a picture of an empty place setting once everyone was gone...ha ha!

I found most everything at the dollar that place!
 I found the water bottle labels online for free! 
 I got these little chalkboard buckets in the Target dollar bin....I'm excited for these little babies because I can use them for all sorts of parties!  At each place setting the girls had ABC coloring sheets that they colored while waiting for the breakfast to start...we also gave them a Back to School trivia sheet to work on...they did pretty well too!
 The counselors and I all made some yummy breakfast goodies...we had these Cinnamon roll recipe for me and they turned out awesome!!  Definitely making these for the fam again!  We also had muffins, fruit and a tator tot sausage casserole. I love to use the ONE piece of polish pottery that I bought in Germany...haha!  Someone from the church commissioned these and they actually made cool is that?
 Close up of the chalkboard bucket/

Each of us taught a "school subject" My first counselor taught social studies (making good friends), and P.E. (praying earnestly), the second counselor had Creative Writing (journal keeping) and English (no gossiping or cursing!) and I had Fashion Merchandising(dressing modestly...but cute...ha ha!)

I gave each girl this cute hand out at the end of the party.  I think everyone had a really good time and I really love bonding with these wonderful girls...I so enjoy my calling!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Roundup!

Wow!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!!  Or in this case....busy! (and fun)
We've had a fabulous summer and just as I predicted it was over in a blink of an eye!  It seems I would get one project or event done just to focus on the next project and before I was ready for was back to school time!  I've added a few of the highlights from our summer...I'm ready for fall (just wished the weather would cooperate!) Unfortunately, with Fall comes College Football...haha!  But, I do have fun with my hubby and all his seriousness about his beloved Bama!  Hope they have a good season....cause I'll have a happy husband!!

A few weeks ago, Saul gave Jade a surprise ticket to come and visit us!  I was so excited!  I'm so thankful that I have such a great and thoughtful son-in-law!  We had such a good weekend....I miss my girl and I had so much fun rubbing her tummy!  She is glowing and I'm so excited to see this little boy!  I wonder if I will finally get my red headed boy I've always dreamed about!

 Sunday Pictures!
 4 out of 5 with smiles....not too bad!
 Love my family so much!
 I can't believe how excited I am to see and smooch on this little boy....I'm not bugged one bit about being a granny!
 We celebrated Kyle and Joel's birthdays in August....the "in and out hamburger cake" has become a tradition for Kyle...he's had it for three years now and the first year, we convinced him that it actually came from In-and-Out!  He loves the frosting and it's perfect with the In-and-Out burgers we get every year for his birthday!
 17 candles.....
 Bodie was excited to see him blow out his candles!
 Yay for 17!
 Bodie's favorite part!  Kyle got an ipod and was very excited to get music back since his other ipod broke several weeks before his birthday!
 Bodie loves wearing these ear muffs...even when it's 100 degrees out!!  He cracks us up!  We love this kid...he comes up with the craziest stuff....his favorite thing to say these days is:  "hey, what's the idea?"  I have no idea where he got this, so funny!

 Daddy decided that the ear muffs were his style too....bahahahaha!
 Such a good daddy!
 This last Sunday I tried to get the family to do some Sunday pics...and it was an epic one really seemed up for, this was the best I got!  I love Bodie's outfit!
 The one picture that Joel was cooperating...ha!

 Bodie loves these goggles too!  He looks like a little monkey in this picture!  The other day, he had these goggles on AND his ear muffs and would NOT take them off when we went to the grocery store...I'm sure we were quite the talk of the store!!! 
 We picked Saige up after her month of being in Farmington and it was so funny that all three of them wore orange! 
 Sooooo glad to have her home!
 One of my all time favorite pictures!
 So, the big guy turned a whopping 42!  Man, he's getting old...ha ha!  We had a nice little party for him and I think he liked his gifts!  I enjoyed wrapping them...ha ha! 
So, another summer has come and gone...this year we have early morning seminary, car pools for after school band practice, football games, marching band parades, etc, etc, etc!!  Even though life never seems to slow down....I sure am thankful for our little life!