Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bodie's Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Little Bodie Booth turned 3 years old and we gave him a party to remember....ha ha!  The first little show that Bodie really got into was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I thought it would be a fun party to put together, so this was the result of lots of crazy ideas that run through my head once I get an idea!  I love party planning and I love focusing on all the little details that make a party great!  I'm glad it's over, but it was worth it!  He may not remember it, but we always will and I count my blessings every day for this sweet boy that I received three years ago....my life was forever changed that day and I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father trusted me with this little soul!

I love the way the mantle turned out!  I made the paper fans and the banner out of wrapping paper....I had the yellow and the red and only had to buy the black polka dot paper....I love it!  I just might keep it up for a while!

 This banner came as a bonus with a purchase on etsy...I bought the water bottle labels and she threw this in!  Super cute and really long!

 Joel once again put up this balloon feature!  He's so handy at this type of stuff and it's a perfect line....something I would never be able to do...ha ha! 
 I used a lot of the sayings from the show for the party....I made the party hats with Mickey ears and had the sign made...I also made the mickey ear cutouts for the "pin the ears on Bodie" game!
 I had this picture of Bodie blown up for the game....I thought it turned out sooooo stinking cute!
 I used the wrapping paper again to make this Mickey silhouette for the photo booth area!
 Cute goody bags that were filled with all things Mickey!  I just used black lunch sacks and prettied them up with ribbon....and of course the cute, personalized tag!

 Bodie's favorite part of the show is the Hot Dog dance...so how cute is this?????  The old fashioned hot dog roller was perfect and the kids loved putting the hot dogs on the rollers and watching them spin!  I saw this idea on another blog and had to do it too!
 The "sweets" table!  I made the Mickey cupcakes and everything else and this was probably my favorite part of the party!  I love coordinating the food with the theme and I just loved how everything turned out!  It was time consuming, but worth it!
 Three different types of cupcakes!
 Gotta have popcorn!
 Mickey Marshmallow pops!  I made all the tags with scrapbook paper...super easy!

 I knew I wanted to add black and red foods to the table.... I found these huge gumballs at Party City.  I also had the red polka dot bowls and then found all the black and white bowls while out shopping...I've been collecting them for a while...ha ha!
 By far, my most favorite treat!  Mickey Mouse Oreo pops!  I dipped the Oreo in red candy melts and then added chocolate melts for the ears and then used white smarties for the buttons....so stinking cute!  I used foam blocks covered in coordinating tissue to stick the pops in for display...super easy!
 A shot of the food area....a little dark, but you get the idea!
 I found a package of Mickey vinyl cutouts at target and used them for the "cake walk" game....I played Mickey Mouse songs while the kids walked around and then whoever landed on the character I called out got a prize...the kids loved this game!
 Anything that was black and white and polka dotted was used...ha ha!  These little cups were so cute and I used them for little fruit cups.

 I hung the paper lanterns from the ceiling over the table and then added some Mickey ears to three of them....I loved this simple little detail too!

 My obsession with tiny bottles continues!!!  I put ice in this huge bowl and it was a perfect fit for the bottles!
 Before the guests arrived we tried to get Bodie to take a few pictures in front of the Mickey fan and he was not having any of it...he had just seen the pinata and wanted the bat!  Luckily the doorbell rang and he forgot all about the bat...ha ha!
 We got a little smile out of him for this one!
 The "pin the ears on Bodie" game was so fun!  The kids loved it!

 So cute!
 Look at all of those ears!
 My two little helpers for the party....Saige and Cara!  Saige was the official photo taker and she did a pretty good job!
 Bodie didn't know what to think of present time...once he opened the first gift he was satisfied!!!  We had to coax him to open the rest...ha ha!  But, he LOVED all the great gifts and has been playing with them all! 

 I made the Mickey Pinata out of an old diaper box and crepe paper!  The kids loved this too and I think I made it just strong enough for most of the kids to get a whack before it broke!
 The Birthday Boy got the first swing!

 The mad dash for the candy!!!
 The photo booth idea turned out great and I love that we have pictures of all the kids that came to his party!

 My sweet Birthday boy!
I loved everything about this party and love everything about my boy!  I can't believe he is three already, I don't take any day for granted....I KNOW how fast they grow up and I don't want to ever have any regrets.  These memories are precious and I can't say enough how much my family means to me.  I love you Bodie Boy!  Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Latest Happenings!

Summer is here!!  The kids have been home a week now and they are already going stir crazy!!  It's going to be a looooong summer.....but, that is good!  I would love for time to slow down....we are actually going to be quite busy this summer, so I have a feeling it's going to be over before I know it!  I am having fun getting all the party planning done for Bodie's birthday and can't wait to put it all together!  Otherwise, it's been a fairly lazy week and I'm lovin it....ha!  Here are a few pics from the last few weeks!

Joel and I had a fun day together on the last day of school....lots of shopping and eating!

 Sunday pics from a week ago.....
 I love having a reason to dress up!
 Bodie's contribution to Sunday Pics!  He loves this little spot....I'm sure you have noticed!  Such a stinker!
 Joel didn't check with me before putting on the pink tie...we clashed....ha ha!
 Luckily, the three of us don't clash too often....they are good kids!
 This was kind of funny...I found this on the camera...apparently Bodie thought I needed a little friend when I caught a little cat nap and Saige thought it was hilarious....not cool Saige!
 I had an early meeting at church and Joel actually took these Sunday pics....what a shocker!  And what the heck????  They are so cute and cooperative....why does that not usually happen when I'm home....hmmmmm!!!  Kyle being a goof ball....we really are lucky that these two get along so well....it's been a blessing.
 The goof starts to come out!!  He is his father's son!
 Bodie loves to take over daddy's computer!
 Saige turned 14 yesterday....a do what??????  SuPeR DuPeR LOVE this girl!!!!  We had a small little party for her after church and we even got a little surprise visit from Uncle Quinton!  It was awesome!  She got some fun little things...she was excited!
 Cowboy boots...this girl takes after her Mama!!!!  Love it!  Can't wait to find the perfect summer dresses to go with these little beauties!
 She got all her own beauty supplies...no more sharing...ha!  Her stuff is WAY better than mine!!
 Beach curls....ya baby!
 Me and my birthday girl!
 Yay for Uncle Quinton!!  Love him to death....I was so happy for his short little visit!
 So cute....hang loose baby!!
Looking forward to good times this summer with my little family....hopefully I'll keep up with blogging!  Ciao for now!