Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bloggy Catch Up.....Sunday Pictures Edition!

Wow! It's been a while....ha ha! Moving really put a damper on my blogging....but, now that things are finally calming down, I actually have some time to sit down and blog! I looked through our Sunday pictures for the last few months and just picked out some for this post....Bodie sure is growing up!! The first set are in our new house.....which I LOVE!! I'm so happy to be in our new home....things are coming together and overall, I'm really happy with everything I've done so far! I'm going to post all about the house soon....I've got to take a few more pictures and get a few more things done....

Joel was already in Hawaii when we took these Sunday pics.....typical Kyle and is hiding and one is squirming!!!

There we go.....all three looking at the camera~

Bodie looks so sweet in this picture.....

Love this picture!

Some from the old house....maybe two months ago.

I can really see a difference in Bodie's little face!

Sweet picture of Kyle and Saige

I love this one too!

Bodie bug.....

Love this little guy!

My sweet family!

LOVE this picture of Joel, Kyle and Saige!


The BirdHouse said...

Dang girl!! I didn't know you had posted new pictures! You must be trying to shame me into posting new pics on my blog too! haha Although everyone looks awesome in the Sunday pictures, I sure would love to see some pics of the new digs!!! Seriously-post away!BTW-I can't believe how much Bodie's face has changed since you last posted!

Nancy Booth said...

FINALLY!!! I am so glad to see new posts and they are fantastic! Looks like you and Saige got a tan there, huh? Especially Saige. Everybody looking so good and Bodie is looking older each post. That Kyle is a mess in that first pic, his hair that is. I'm dying to see pictures of the new house and the pool. Oh yes, feed Bodie before he eats the sleeve off that pretty white shirt. tee hee