Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Pictures....AGAIN!

Yes, this was the hubby's response to "Sunday Pictures"....ha ha! It's his favorite time of the week.....and if you believe that one, I have a swamp to sell ya! Anywhooooo....we did get some good shots this week! We even changed it up and moved to another room...ha ha!

Joel was ignoring us and still sitting at the computer, so we took some of ourselves....pretty cute if you ask me!!

Ahhh, that's better, you can see Bodie's little face! Love his expression.....he's putting up with us...but not for long!

Okay....Mom and Sissy...I'm about to get over this!

But could you just die over his little face????? I love this baby boy and my baby girl!

Now it's silly time!

Papa bear and Mama bear!

Love her....she's such a good girl!

She loves her baby brother so much....

Bodie decided that picture time was over at this point....he kept trying to give Daddy kisses, but wouldn't hold it long enough....ha ha!

Daddy and his mini-me!

I love this pic....ha ha....Bodie was attempting to jump out of Joel's arms and Saige is laughing!

Good times, good times!

I really feel so blessed that I have been given these beautiful kiddos to raise. It's so unfortunate how many kids have selfish and absent parents....I can't imagine life without them....I'm so grateful that I have a "good mommy" gene! After all, isn't that what life should be about?
Looking forward to next week's Sunday Pics...we'll have ALL our family back together!

Bodie's Haircut! July 2010

It was the first time I took Bodie to get his haircut without was an EPIC-SUCCESS! This boy sure does love looking at the mirror while his hair is getting cut....ha ha! I brought a stash of suckers to bribe him if need be and he got one in the end just for being sooooo good! His hair had grown crazy long and we kept putting it off, but WOW, what a difference a little ole haircut can make! We have a cute boy.....(I know I'm biased)
He also loves his little guitar....just like Daddy! Very cute....I included a little video at the end of his craziness....ha ha! On a little side note, he is wearing a shirt that he got at his SHOWER...yes, folks....TWO YEARS OLD and is wearing a 3-6 month old onesie! He is getting taller which is a very good thing, but he is still a skinny 22 pound two year-old! I sure pray that he grows big and strong! His Dr. told us that we could give him as many milkshakes as he wanted...ha ha!

The hair is cute....but, those eyelashes are to die for....wish I had them!

Little rocker!

So full of energy.....LOVE.THIS.KID!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Pics........

It's that time again folks! Sunday pictures....Bodie's favorite....NOT! He did cooperate for a few minutes....but, he is a stubborn 2 year-old! But, I just HAD to get some pictures of him in his new Sunday outfit....ha ha! He sure is a mess....

Sporting a crumb face!
Saige is growing up......DANG IT! I'm really seeing the difference this year....I still see her as my little girl, but she is turning into a very beautiful young lady.

"But Mom....the sit and spin IS a great place for a picture"

A goofy self shot of the girls!

We took a handful of pics, but for some reason a lot of them turned out! This was the best one of Joel and I.

I am soooooooo totally going to blow this one up....they are so stinking cute!

Bodie decided he could be nice for a few shots! And they all turned out so great!

A sweet little kiss.

My GQ man.....ha ha! LOVE HIM.


Not the best picture, but you can see his saddle fav!

And these are for you Kelly! My super sweet hubby bought me this ring for our anniversary....and almost kept it a surprise...ha ha! He ordered it in time, but it didn't get here in, he held out for a day or two after and then caved and showed me a pic!! The real thing is AWESOME! I love me some monograms and this is the bomb diggity. Joel Booth, you rock my socks!

Don't you love my cheese ball "modeling" pose?!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July....2011

Our 4th of July was pretty lame this year.....we heard that there was a fair at the fairgrounds and it turned out to be a bunch of bouncy castles and, even with the fair food calling our names, we decided against it! We just spent the day with each other and it rained that night so we didn't even venture out for the firework show....but, sometimes....the best holidays are the low-key holidays! Saige and I wore our flag shirts, so I guess we celebrated a little...ha ha!

Joel and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on July lucky to be just as happy as we were 8 years ago....probably more!
Bodie decided to be a, I acted like him in this pic! Scary tongue pic!

Me and my girly girl!

He decided he could be sweet again......

He even gave his sissy a kiss!

He was trying to give me a hug right after slapping at me......this boy! He is a corker!

You can't stay mad at him for long...especially when he puts those little arms around your neck and squeezes!

San Diego Trip.....

Joel, Bodie and I got to spend 4 fabulous days in San Diego last week and boy did we enjoy our stay! We took Bodie swimming every day and he's so much fun in the water....he's a little fish and didn't like it one bit when it was time to get out! San Diego is just an awesome city, we stayed downtown on the marina and we were able to enjoy some really great restaurants in the Gas Lamp district. The highlight of Bodie's stay were the elevators...ha. He called them the "ellies" and most days we had to drag him away from them to go to the room! I just love these little mini trips that we get to take because of Joel's's such a nice perk! Next week we are headed for Vegas and again it will just be the three of us....Saige is headed to the Grand Canyon for a week of hiking (she's excited, but I am so glad that my vacation will be pool side with cushy accommodations).

The view from our toilet...not kidding!
So stinking beautiful.

The pool....LOVED IT!

Bodie getting his garb on.....he's not a bit afraid of the water....which can be a good or bad thing considering our new house has a pool....Saige thinks we should just keep his life jacket on during the summer! But, believe me when I say some serious safety precautions will be done before he gets anywhere near that pool!

Daddy and Bodie.....Bodie found this ball and totally stole it because he wouldn't let it out of his grip..ha ha!

Our Fred and Barney feet!

Bodie was a little un-happy about getting out of the pool.

Little turkey!

Still not happy!

These are by far the best pics we took! When we got back to the room and showered, Joel had this towel around him and Bodie kept trying to put a big towel around himself just like Daddy...Joel finally got a hand towel and it fit him was the cutest thing ever!

He had a fit when we forced him to get dressed!


Some shots from our balcony. Not the greatest quality, but it's the best we could do trying to snap it ourselves!

Love my honey-man!

Good times!

You can kind of see Bodie...ha!

Can't wait to go back....we had a wonderful trip.