Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Pics........

It's that time again folks! Sunday pictures....Bodie's favorite....NOT! He did cooperate for a few minutes....but, he is a stubborn 2 year-old! But, I just HAD to get some pictures of him in his new Sunday outfit....ha ha! He sure is a mess....

Sporting a crumb face!
Saige is growing up......DANG IT! I'm really seeing the difference this year....I still see her as my little girl, but she is turning into a very beautiful young lady.

"But Mom....the sit and spin IS a great place for a picture"

A goofy self shot of the girls!

We took a handful of pics, but for some reason a lot of them turned out! This was the best one of Joel and I.

I am soooooooo totally going to blow this one up....they are so stinking cute!

Bodie decided he could be nice for a few shots! And they all turned out so great!

A sweet little kiss.

My GQ man.....ha ha! LOVE HIM.


Not the best picture, but you can see his saddle fav!

And these are for you Kelly! My super sweet hubby bought me this ring for our anniversary....and almost kept it a surprise...ha ha! He ordered it in time, but it didn't get here in, he held out for a day or two after and then caved and showed me a pic!! The real thing is AWESOME! I love me some monograms and this is the bomb diggity. Joel Booth, you rock my socks!

Don't you love my cheese ball "modeling" pose?!!!


The BirdHouse said...

Yes! The ring is exactly like mine...and it looks great on you!! Love the Sunday pics! The ones of Saige and Bodie are priceless- his hair is getting long again!! You and Joel look great as well! We took Sunday pics also but there's no way to post them AND I look like CRAP in them. It's always fun to THINK you look pretty good and then get full verification from a photo that you actually look horrible!

kayla said...

Kelly, it's time to bring out the whoop-a** can for the computer...ha ha! AND I know that you looked gorgeous in your put them up sista!

Nancy Booth said...

What beautiful Sunday pictures. Ya'll all look great. I love that ring and am glad it finally got there. Saige and Bodie are growing up fast. I miss the Kyle bear in the pics. His little (stone face poster pictures). Hope he's having fun. I'm at Jeff's. Thanks for telling me about these new pictures, Joel. Love them.

Nancy Booth said...

Uhhh, oh yes, I don't have a ring.

Jade said...

Ok so..
Bodie is adorable.
Saige is FREAKIN' beautiful.
Your ring rocks!
You look great!
and Joel...well he is still a dork ;) LOL jk. love him!
I miss you guys.
Just sayin'