Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ward Halloween Party....

We had our ward party on Friday and had a really good time. Saige fell in love with the I love Lucy series after Joel gave me the entire series for my birthday last year and she wanted to go as Lucy this year. I think she looks adorable! Here are a few pics before we left for the party. I also put some pics of some of our friends at the party...a lot of fun people dress up! Joel and I think we will dress up next year, we were inspired by all of the fun costumes.

Classic Joel...this picture makes me laugh so hard!
He was nice for this one!

Cutie Saige...she thinks this is a "Lucy" pose!

Being silly.

Isn't the wig too cute? It totally made the costume.

Here is a picture of Saige and I for Nancy!! I do exist...really!

Our friend Valerie in her best 80's gear!

I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme...they look so cute.

One of my favorites of the you notice the fake chest hair??? I love it.

Our bishop....he's nice.....really he is!

Argh....the pirates....too fun.

Saige doing her best Lucy face!

Another favorite of the night...

Isn't this a great idea? They are missing one of their little dancers, but don't they look so cute?

Our Bishop and his wife giving out candy at the trunk or treat.
What a great night.....Saige is hoarding her candy like nobody's business!! Joel is on the hunt!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brugge Belgium.......

Yesterday we visited Brugge, Belgium with some good friends from church...we had such a good time and the city is GORGEOUS! The architecture is simply stunning and it is breathtaking to see it in person!

This is a picture of one of the buildings near the center of town. It had several parts and each part was built with a different architectual theme.
One of the many canals that run through the city. This park was so pretty.

We went on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city...that was the highlight of the trip!

Saige had a front seat ride for the trip! She loved it.

I love this picture...the day was so bright and sunny!

Another gorgeous building.

Cutie Joel posing for the camera!

I just love seeing all of the amazing buildings...can you believe that they've been there for hundreds and hundreds of years? Too cool.
And now for Joel's favorite part of the trip....Belgium chocolate!! To use his favorite phrase..."there were more chocolate stores than you can shake a stick at" (or something like that, ha ha) I love his little southern sayings. I didn't try the wasabi chocolate...I was too chicken! But, he said they were AWESOME!

How about some chocolate teeth? Don't they look appetizing?

Halloween chocolate.


The center of town...we had the best time. I'm so glad we went and experienced this great city.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soccer game....

Joel signed up to coach Saige's soccer team this year and so far, they've had a ball. Joel has even decided that it's a fun sport! The kids love Joel, of course! I finally remembered to bring the camera this last game and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Coach Joel and Coach Chris heading to the field.
I actually did a pretty good job of getting some good action shots during the game.

Saige is a super fast runner...she loves to play mid-field, she gets to run all over the field.

I was naughty and made her turn around for this pic...Joel scolded me for distracting her during the game!! He's totally hard-core.

This is my favorite picture...I love her pony tail flying in the wind!

This was an exciting game....they tied, 4 to 4.

After the game.....they are both so cute.

I told Joel to show is teeth....this is what I got! I love my little family.