Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bodie Bug.....

Most of these pics were taken by Kyle while Saige was holding him....I thought they turned out great! He has a good eye! Bodie has become a slobbering maniac! We keep thinking we see a tooth, but surely we are seeing things....he's WAY too little to have a tooth already..ha...and as a nursing Mama...the prospect of a tooth doesn't sound too appealing right now!

Looks like his Daddy in this pic.

He's getting some chubby cheeks....we LOVE it!

Blow this pic up...and look at those eye lashes.

Saige's favorite picture....Joel must have been messing with his hair again!

I love his little expression in this picture.

Double chin!

And sadly look what we found on his little pillow....yep, that's right...his hair is falling out like there is no tomorrow....we are so sad. But, hopefully his new hair will come in curly...just like his Daddy-O!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh my goodness, Kyle and Saige. Ya'll did great! What wonderful pictures. Bodie is just the cutest thing. I hate he's losing his hair tho. Did you try glueing it back on? His hair is so pretty. I love these pictures you guys. Keep taking them and some more of you too. Gotta go back and look at them again.

The BirdHouse said...

Lilah's sheets looked like that too but I though she lost hers before now so maybe bodie won't lose too much. I love the pictures...he's such a doll. But what's this strange obsession you have with Ralph Lauren clothes? ;)~

Anonymous said...

I'm scared of this feeling of wanting to grab him off the screen; with all this new tech, I should be able to do it right. I love him and the rest of you so much. Hey remember, grass doesn't grow on a busy street. He is busy trying to figure how to make your life, say interesting....