Friday, September 18, 2009

Bodie is 3 months old........

Our sweet boy is 3 months old today. I wish I could make time go in slow motion...I want to savor every moment with this beautiful gift from Heavenly Father. He just totally makes my heart melt. He's finally getting a little chub on him and we just love it! However, his little 0 to 3 month outfit that he has on for these photos still swamps him! It's so funny to see how big everything is on him. What a bundle of joy he is in our home. We can be having the worst day and all it takes to make us happy is holding him and seeing his little expressions. He's smiling up a storm these days and is starting to grab for things. He likes his bouncer seat and can really get it going now. On Monday, he weighed just over 9 pounds and was almost 22 inches long, putting him in the 2nd percentile...whoo hoo! I totally want him to be healthy and grow, but I secretly love that he is still so small! I can just smooch and snuggle with him all day!

Here is our little man in his grown up outfit! ha ha
He wasn't too happy for these pics....I think it was time to eat yet AGAIN! These two hour feedings are really getting old!

Yep. just a hint of a smile....almost!

Blurry pic, but a little smile.....I know he gets so sick of me smooching on those tiny lips!!

His eyelashes have taken on a life of their seems like every single day they are getting longer and's amazing and I LOVE it. I always wanted long eye lashes, so he didn't get them from me....but, we tried to get some shots to show how long they are.

Life doesn't get any better!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh Kayla, he is just precious. I want to hold him soooo bad. I know you and Joel really enjoy him. He is such a good looking kid and is that a double chin I see in one photo? I just love him too.

The BirdHouse said...

He is soooo cute. His ittle face is changing!! I love his little track suit!!! haha

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

Too cute! And, wow he has gained two pounds or more in the last couple of weeks. I know the 2 hour feedings stink, but he is doing so great! So cute can not wait to hold him tomorrow! Hope you are feeling better... :-)

Josh and Tiff Roundy said...

Kayla he is just too cute!!!! I love his beautiful eyelashes and I can't get over how tiny he is. He is a doll!

Kacee said...

KAYLA!!! You have a son!!! Well, I am up late, bored (Bryan is night flying), and so I decided to check up on old friend by blog-hopping. And what do my eyes behold?? The cutest little bundle of love I've ever seen! Bodie...I am so happy for you!! Congratulations. Give him one little extra hug and kiss from me. Now I will go to bed a happier girl! Hurray for you!!!