Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The other children.....

Yes, get your mouth off the floor, this post doesn't have one picture of Bodie!! We do have other children, they just don't usually do anything that is blog worthy...ha ha! However, I thought these little pics from one of their antics was worth posting!! EVERYDAY Saige asks me if she can have one of my caffeine-free Diet Cokes, and EVERYDAY, I tell her NO. She decided to enlist Kyle to her cause and protest the fact that we don't get them any "good" drinks. This is what they came up with....pretty creative if you ask me!!

For some reason, they thought dressing up in weird clothing would help their cause and make is seem like more of a "real" strike! (old glasses from her Velma halloween costume)
Kyle wearing the Harry Potter can't see the rest of him, but he was dressed up too!

Kyle's slogan....very funny!
Another one of his ideas! Maybe he should go into advertising...he's good at slogans!

They used yard sticks, paint brushes and pencils to hold up their signs.

I've enjoyed giving them milk even more now after seeing this sign.

They thought including Bodie would help their cause. (oops, I lied, there is little Bodie in this post....hee hee)

While this little protest didn't help their cause any, they sure are cute and funny!!!


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am totally dying here!!! Soooo hilarious!!! Give those kids a soda!!!! Why are they getting milk and water while you are siping such luxuries as diet coke? Shameful!

Nancy Booth said...

My poor babies! You tell them to come to Picky's or Grammie's house and I will load them dowm with Coke, Sprite, Root Beer and candy and sweets of all kinds. The nerve of you. Just because all Bodie gets is milk that's no sign to punish my older babies. So cruel!!!!!

Nana Margaret said...

Kayla, you mean thing, doing drugs is serious, drinking diet coke should be permissable at least once a week. My two cases of sprite, etc. are on the way!!!!