Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bodie and a whole lotta bread!!

A few pics of Bodie for your viewing pleasure!! All the hair that he is losing on his head is traveling to his eyelashes....ha ha! He is so stinking cute!
Still wearing his newborn outfit!! But, he's finally growing into some of his 3 month clothes!

He sure is cute in his Bumbo seat.

And now for the whole lotta bread in my new massive bread bowl!! This might be my new bargain of a lifetime item!! My friend and I went to an antique warehouse in Belgium and hit pay dirt!! I knew if I didn't get this bread bowl, I would be kicking myself for years to, it came home! And it was dirt cheap....I think the owner was a little surprised that someone was buying it....(they don't know what they have, especially when Pottery Barn carries "found bread bowls from Europe" for over a 100.00 dollars and they are a fraction of this size! Now, am I going to use this for bread...ummmm no, but what a cool conversation piece!!

Saige standing next to it to give you an idea of how huge it is!!

Sooooo cool!


Nancy Booth said...

Good night!!!! Where you gonna put that hugh thing? Saige could sleep in it. Man!!!! Nice tho, I guess. Bodie is stinking cute even if he is missing some hair. He looks mad tho. Reminds me of Lilah's facial expressions when she's being photographed. I just love him and can't wait to meet him.

Tim said...

I. LOVE. IT!!!!!! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!! Crazy! Sure wish you knew the history behind it. Bodilicious is so handsome. I see Sage in him just a little in a couple of those pics!

Tim said...

This is Kelly (as I am sure you knew that already). I didn't know Tim was signed in!

Tim said...

One more post then I am done, I promise.....Sage looks so pretty as well. I didn't mean to forget about her?? Has she had any soda yet?

Adventures in Petersonland said...

love it! i wish i stocked up on more bread bowls when we were there...and its so true how dang expensive pottery barn (and other stores like crate & barrel) charges for them!
love how huge it is! im sure you will find a good use for it at your place as youre a decorating genius!
and your little man is so cute! i love how cute he looks in his bumbo, those seats are the best! miss you kayla!

Nancy Booth said...

I wondered why Tim was posting. It just didn't sound like something Tim would say so I thought maybe it was another Tim. Glad you straightened that out. Saige is a cutie too. Bodilicious, I thought, has Tim lost his mind!!!!!

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

LOL! I am still cracking up laughing...Seriously, bathtub keeps coming to my mind! Your pics remind me how giddy I was that day. Super fun trip! I can not wait to see the pics of what you decide to do with it in your new home.