Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday Pics and Taking a LEAP!!

Happy March!! Can you believe it??? This year is going to go by even faster than last....I no likey!! Saige is finishing up basketball this week and we have had so much fun going to all of her games...that girl is all heart! I'm so proud of her and her will to keep trying....she's going to try out for track, in other will not be slowing down for us any time soon! Kyle also got his very first job at Carl's Jr. and so adding his work schedule into our mix should make for a very busy life....but, somehow we get it all in! Bodie, of course keeps us on our toes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! ha. He's kind of going through a whiny stage lately....REALLY hoping that passes soon! But, otherwise life is good, our family, church callings and everything else really makes us the most happy and I'm so grateful that I have such a great little family!

Our "Basketball Star"!
Bodie nudging his way into the picture....ha ha! I guess if we don't act like we want him to be in it, he'll happily pose for the picture!

Little stinker! (Bodie, not Joel....wait, who am I kidding...Joel too!!!)

Saige and I.

She's so sweet on Sunday picture days....(the other children aren't so chipper)

Example.....ha! He's a stinker too.

But, the next shot looked a lot better...especially when I threatened him....ha ha!

Here are some pictures from our New Beginnings program....everything came together really well and I'm happy with the results....we got the idea to have New Beginnings on Leap Year...Feb. 29th and found lots of good ideas on the web!

In the weeks leading up to our program, we had the girls jump for pictures! And we hung them on our back drop with the lily pads! Then each girl got up and told us what makes them jump for joy and they added their individual picture on the lily pad. Very cute!

The favors.....the personal progress leader put together the little frog handouts and my second counselor and I did the plaques....I love how they turned out....Arise and Shine Forth is this year's theme and we did this trendy cute saying for all the girls.

So cute!

Love these too!

The program.

The personal progress and leader and I made these cute frog cupcakes. (I had a last minute hand mixer tragedy, but I managed to whip out the butter cream frosting....ha ha!)

The refreshment table....I am obsessed with these little water bottles and wrapping them with labels!

Sweet Young Women. Love them! Jessie, Cara, and Saige

Mikayla and Madison!

Rosie girl!

The sisters!

Katie and Rebecca.

It was a fun night....I have such sweet girls and I'm so happy to have this definitely keeps me busy, but I love it!


The BirdHouse said...

LOOOOOOVE everything!! Can't type more as Lilah is crying in my ear right now and I'm about to lose it!! haha

Jade said...

Dear Mom and Saige,

You are drop dead gorgeous!