Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bodie Bug and Sunday Pics...

We have ourselves a little character folks....I tell you what, this little boy brings the sunshine into our lives! I don't know what we did before he was born....he is a source of constant entertainment and lots and lots of messes! But, we wouldn't have it any other way. Daddy bought him his first Bama hat and I don't think he's been without it much since the day it arrived! He loves to say "Roll Tide" and is so stinking cute I just want to smooch on him ALL.DAY.LONG! He loves to sing in the car and right now his favorite songs are "Moves like Mick Jagger" and "Pumped up Kicks"....he also knows the words to "Hope it gives you Hell" by the All American Rejects...much to our embarrassment in the doctor's office when he belted it out for everyone in the waiting room.....whoops! Need to pay attention to the lyrics from now on....ha ha! He's a little ham and works the I-pod like a seasoned pro....he's a picky eater and STILL only weighs 25 pounds, but he's an active little thing and can't be bothered to sit down and eat! I am constantly following him around with food! That may be a source of therapy on down the road...ha ha! Anywho0....here are some shots of our little burst of energy and of course our weekly Sunday Pics....what would you do without them? ;O)

Roll Tide!
His usual response to the camera!

Ahhhhhh, that little smile and smoochy face! I couldn't adore this kid more!

Saige headed out for one of her last games.....so glad that she got to participate in Basketball this year...she really enjoyed it and her team did really, really well. She picked the number 24 because that is her Uncle Regan's number on his racing car! She loves her Uncle Ree-Ree!

And now for the family's favorite time of the week!!! I sure think these kiddos are cute!

Joel was unusually chipper for this week's photos, he kept telling Kyle to take one more....I'm the dork just smiling away, oblivious to his antics!! Every single picture he was making a funny face....at least he cracks himself up!!! (he cracks me up too....I do love this boy)

This is his "Blue Steel" look!

Wait, maybe THIS is the Blue Steel look!

He started behaving!

He is a cutie!

I love torturing him with Sunday Pics and then posting all about it!

The one and ONLY good picture of Bodie.....UGH!

This was him refusing to be picked up for more pictures.....little stinker.

Joel back to his "model" shots!

Like father, like son!

Too bad Joel wasn't in on the tipping of the head....ha ha!

Total goofballs.....but, we sure do have good times!


Nancy Booth said...

Surprise, surprise! Do y'all look this pretty on weekdays? Love the pics as usual and we really are enjoying little Bodie Bugs facetime on the phone. I love your little dirt dobber waist, Kayla. You are skin and bones. Y'all look great!

Nancy Booth said...

Joel is a nut.