Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunday Pics and Forcing Spring in Feb.!

Bet you can't believe it's time for Sunday pics again? right? ha ha! I've really been in a blogging slump...I can't for the life of me remember to take out the camera when something worthwhile is going on...but, I hope I can do better this year! I have a lot of plans for the house, so hopefully I can blog about those projects as I get them done! I'm also planning on a big Birthday for little Bodie Bug, so that is always fun! In the are the latest Sunday pics of the familia!!!

Me and my girl!
The kiddos!! See little Bodie creeping in the picture??? ha ha

Love this picture! We succeeded in getting Kyle to tame that wild's a little less wild....a little! (this was before the haircut!)

Bodie behaving just a little bit!

Mom and Pop!

I love how we color coordinate....ha ha!

A little Sunday cheesy sugar!

Loved this pic, but turned it to B/W because we both could use some teeth whiteners...bahhaha!

Our teens!

For some reason, I have been obsessed with the color green lately.....and while it is STILL technically winter....I decided to force a little spring in our house and what better color to do it with than bright apple green!! I love the change, I always feel a little blah in January and February and these little changes did me a world of good!!

My obsession started with these bright green eucalyptus branches that I found at Marshalls....loved them so much that I went to another Marshalls store to find more!!

Another inexpensive score at and springy!

This little beaut was a TJMAXX score in their clearance pile.....I love it and I think it looks a little more modern than those old silk plant trees!

Pops of green in the dining room.....mostly with stuff I already had. I spray painted the basket in the dough bowl today! Loved how it turned out.

Love me some spring birds....HATE, HATE, HATE the pigeons that live on top of our house that poo all over our drive way....we MUST get rid of those things.....JOEL!!!

Spring piano-scape! I so should have bought more of these huge wine bottles when we were in Europe....they are so pricey over here and I think I scored on this huge thing....darn.

Some more green eucalyptus goodness!!

Anyway....that is spring in our house! Now, ready for the real thing to come!


Nancy Booth said...

Surprise! Wild and wolly, Kyle Hair boogie and Saige is growing up to be a beautiful young woman. The Bodie Bug is just precious. You and Joel are such a handsome couple and you do color coordinate. I wish you'd bring some spring in our house. Loved the pics and your comments.

The BirdHouse said...

Oh my gosh!! Just now seeing this post!!! I am sick and feeling too crappy to post any comments that are worthwhile so let me just say that everyone and everything looks great!! And for the record..I hate you , Kayla!! haha