Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break in San Diego.....

Nothing better than Spring Break-ing it in San Diego!!! We spent a few days down in our favorite city....and had a nice little vacay! The first night we strolled around Old Town and even though it's a total tourist trap, it was really fun and quaint! The weather was a bit cool...but it always is on Spring, I came prepared this time!

Such beautiful plants everywhere!

Saige and I taking a bunch of "teenage pose" shots....ha ha!

Love my girl!

Look what we found!!! Must be some cousins of ours!

My little young-ins!

Me and the Mr.

Sooooo, one of ONLY TWO pictures of Kyle....he was especially opposed to pictures during this trip.....not sure why....but, we tried!! I guess this proves he was there!

Saige's favorite angle!!

I guess Kyle thought this guy was cool enough to pose with (unlike his family!)

The next day while Joel was at work, Saige, Bodie and I walked around the little square again and ate at a fantastic little outdoor restaurant and we bought Bodie a cheap little guitar....he had fun with it while it lasted....(he broke it before we left) little stinker!

He's also rocking some new sunglasses!!

There was a beautiful park with lots of artists painting the day away....really cool to see all their work!

Bodie eating his lunch!!! The salsa on the chip.....ha ha!

Lots of soggy chips left over!

He will eat anything spicy or tart....he's a crazy man!

He decided to pull out his guitar and serenade us during lunch!

Ha ha...skeleton Saige!

Say hello to my little friend!!

Bodie loved the wagon....not for pictures of course!

Love his little face in this picture!

Cutie pies!

Hey Mom, I really don't want to sit on your lap for a picture!
We stopped off at the beautiful San Diego was such a gorgeous day!

Saige loves to see the temple!


Next, we went to the La Holla Cove to see the seals....and boy did we! Those fat things were sprawled out everywhere!! Bodie loved, loved, loved them! Especially when they were fussing at each other! The smell was a bit overwhelming, but this was really fun to see!

Saige had the camera and took way too many pictures of the seals....but, they were pretty cute!

Being lazy....soaking up the sun!

Such a beautiful beach.

Bodie couldn't take his eyes off the seals!

Curse you people and your camera....ha ha!

Still not happy!! But, the other two look happy as clams!

Great way to end our little trip! We sure are lucky to have these little trips when Joel works....
Awesome memories!


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my gosh!! how fun! I can't wait to go to Cali! Tim mentioned it the other day so I'm hoping it will become a reality soon!!! Great pics of everyone. Kayla, I'm eating a salad for dinner after seeing your pics!! haha Looking great!

Nancy Booth said...

You sure are. Looks like y'all had a great time. I can't believe Bodie will keep on sunglasses and hats. Most kids won't. I love the pics of him and that cheap guitar. Ha. Seals too. How awesome. That plant is Hugh.