Friday, April 6, 2012

Gearing up for Summer!!

We are so excited for summer this year! We didn't really use the pool much last fall when we moved in and I can hardly wait to get into that cool water on those hot summer days! (actually, fairly warm water since we got the solar cover...ha ha) It will still be refreshing and we are chomping at the bit to get some use out of it! Joel has been checking the temp. every day and every day he says he is going to get in it...(yeah, right) Anyway, we have also bought a few planters and Joel has been working on the yard the last several weekends and it's starting to look more inviting...we are trying to do a little at a excited!

A little dining spot!
A little seating spot!

Saige wanted to plant some flowers and she is remembering to water them every day! I love flowers! Joel planted some lavender for me and I hope they grow fast!

View from the patio with another little seating spot!

We decided to plant succulents...they do so well in the desert and I think they are awesome!

Another shot.

Our wish list is very, very long!! But, we'll get there someday! I'm hoping to get a covered patio next year and hopefully before summer really sets in, we will get more lounge seating and a swing....I am so looking forward to spending out summer days outside!


The BirdHouse said...

Way to rub it in. Our pool still looks like a swamp, but Tim swears he's going to start cleaning it out this weekend. Riiiight!!

Nancy Booth said...

Beautiful! Our list is long too and our money is still short. Y'all should enjoy this summer. Be careful with the little person.