Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ward Party....

We had a ward party at our house this Saturday and had an absolute blast! The weather was beautiful (for a change) and everyone seemed to enjoy socializing with each other and not having to worry about running after their kids too much! This was an elder's quorum party and they really did an awesome job....the kids even got a huge bouncy castle to play in. Here are a few pictures from the par-tay......

This is Steven....Joel's little buddy from church.
I could totally kidnap this little boy and call him my own! I could play with his hair ALL day!

One of our "cutest" party attendees!! Isn't she adorable???

Let the games begin...this was the first game...and believe me, people were NOT lining up to volunteer for this one!! Do you see Joel in the background hiding?? I had a hard time taking these pictures, I was laughing so hard!

Angie's (pink shirt) strategy was to get down low!

Get ready, get set, GOOOOOOOO!

Too funny!

The next game involved whip cream and gum....don't they all look so excited????
They had to get their piece of gum from under the whip cream and the first person to blow the bubble won...

Much harder than it looks :0)

I'm not sure who won...I was laughing again! Silly me!
I forgot to take a picture of all the food everyone brought....but, everyone outdid themselves and we had so much! The dessert table was AWESOME!
We had a great time...we really love our ward family and look forward to doing this again!


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness!! I want to move to Germany. Looks like you guys had a blast!! That one game looks a bit obscene, though. Did you plan all of the activities? Is Joel in the EQ presidency?

Nancy Booth said...

Kayla, again, what a talent you are. Joel said he was sooo tired and you had worked yourself silly. I love you both and your ward.

Valerie said...

These games are some of our favorites! My mom has played these at almost every family reunion and it is a hoot everytime! Thanks so much for allowing us to use your home! We look forward to next year!!

The Obstinant Family said...

Kayla, I can see why your husband was not in any hurry to get in line with the potato nylon game. It looked like you guys had a good time.