Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of 5th grade and a little house guest!

Things are getting back to normal around our house....Saige arrived last Thursday and she started school yesterday! Not much time to get over the jet lag...but, she's been a trooper. She also came home to a little house guest....Mr. Jack, a little yorkie that we dog-sat for about 5 days. She had fun playing with him and didn't mind taking him out all day! Joel and I weren't that sad when he went home...but, it was fun having him around for a few days!

Two little cuties...

Saige the caretaker!

Joel's favorite thing to do!! Not really, we all crashed after picking Saige up at the airport at 5 in the morning...UGH! Jack decided he needed a nap too.

Then he decided it looked a little more cozy over on Saige's couch!

Saige on her first day of 5th grade and Middle school...I was able to go with her to most of her classes and she is super excited...she can barely sleep! This picture was taken after school as her mom is totally lame and forgot to take one before we left for the day! She still looks cute after her long exciting day!!


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness...Saige soooooo needs a dog of her own!!! haha She sure has grown up since we saw her last. What in the world is she doing wearing long sleeves in August? Also, how is she fairing being the queen of the house now?

Rachel said...

I just came over from my blog where you left your comment (thanks) and I love your blog! Your girls are gorgeous and your house is so fun. I say whip out those fall decorations on Sept
Hey maybe we should make a blog day of it and post it on all our blogs. Sept 1st is Fall Decor day!
Hmmmmm... the ideas are starting!
Anyway how you don't mind my putting you on google reader. See you later.

The Obstinant Family said...

How sweet! The last time I ever saw you, you dog sitting as well. Do you do that on the side? LOL

Nancy Booth said...

Saige is sooo cute and that dog you and Joel love so much is cute too. I'm glad Saige loves school and 5th grade too? Wow! Does she miss her sister too much?