Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday Boy!

My sweetheart turned 38 on August 7th! It took two boxes of candles, but he managed to blow them ALL out which is pretty remarkable with advanced age! Here is my Top Ten List of reasons I love this old guy....
1. He picks up after himself
2. He's a great cook!
3. He honors his priesthood
4. He honors his family
5. He's really, really, really funny!
6. He's an expert toenail painter
7. He uses Q-tips daily
8. He thinks I'm cute!
9. He's a great dad to our children
10. And finally....his face...who couldn't adore this face????
Happy Birthday Lovie.....I love you.


The BirdHouse said...

What face??? I can't keep my eyes off that cake!!! haha Dang girl..what up?? Happy 38th's b'day, JoJo!! We sure do love you and miss you guys!

JRome said...


Nancy Booth said...

I hope the smoke alarm didn't go off before he blew all those candles out. What a nice thing to post what you love about him. You are sooo sweet, Kayla. Did you and he eat all that cake? I could have. Happy 38 Joel. That means my baby is getting old.

The Obstinant Family said...

Kayla you do have a nice husband. Any guy that clean up after themselves is definetly a keeper in my book. But I do have to say, he does not look 38. He looks like he's 30.