Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer with the boys....

So, the summer just flew by and our house is very empty now! Joel and I don't know what to do with ourselves...we really enjoyed our visit with the boys...unfortunately we didn't get many pictures...but, here are a few.
It was so nice to see Brannon's face!!

Can you say carrot top????? Why do the boys always get the curls?

Kyle in his new "skinny" jeans! I don't think he took them off while he was here!

Brannon rockin out to Jade's pink guitar! Doesn't it look great against Joel's alabaster legs??

Could have used a flash for this picture...but it was the best one we had for Joel and Kyle.

You can see one of Brannon's eyes! Whoo-hoo!

Kyle taking Brannon's pic in the car.

He's loving it!

And finally....Kyle sticking his face out the window....I don't think I want to ask how he got this picture!!!


The BirdHouse said...

YEA!!! An update!!! Oh my goodness. Where to begin?? I sure wish I could have seen the boys. They are growing up way too fast and we sure do miss them. Brannons hair cracks me up!! It was nice to see a picture of Kyle handsome face too even if you may have almost lost your camera out the car window. Can I just say...Joel is dang good looking. I mean SERIOUSLY good looking! He could use a nice spray-on tan, though! haha 'Love you guys!

Nancy Booth said...

Oh great! More pictures of the boys. I sure miss those guys. May I just say, if I had some skinny pants I wouldn't take them off either. Thank you for posting since I haven't seen those boys in a few years. (You want the cream kind, honey. I just love it, the ol' prep H story). That's a classic.