Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Pictures.....

Howdy! Life has been buzzin along, same-o thing, different day! However, Bodie bug is growing like a weed and getting spunkier every day! He is such a mess, but we love him to pieces around here! He likes having the camera all to himself....ha ha! At least we've noticed he does better when he's not being forced into a family picture! He loves to say cheese and we can usually coax him into taking a picture just by reminding him about the cheese! He's a ham!

Daddy got him ready for church and he's ready to go NOW!

Come on everybody! (I could smooch that little neck all day long!)


Dark picture...sigh!

I hate when the picture is good of the rest of the people and I'm forced to put it on the blog...ha ha!


Note to self....hate your something different!!!

Anyway....there you have it...another riveting round of Sunday pictures! Hope you enjoy!


Nancy Booth said...

Of course we enjoy. I love this blog and your hair looks fine. You & family are beautiful. Bodie bug sure smiles for the camera, except for FaceTime or whatever that thing is called. It's time for another video I think too.

The BirdHouse said...

Bodie's face is changing so much, I can't stand it!! Loving the pics. I really need to get my blog back up and running!

kayla said...