Monday, January 9, 2012

Kyle's Christmas and Sunday Pics!

Kyle couldn't wait to open up Christmas gifts when he got home from Alabama! He didn't have a ton to open up because he wanted to go shopping with Christmas money....but, he did enjoy the gifts he received! (he didn't mind little brother helping him open either!)

All my kiddos get Christmas jammies! He's been wearing these ever since!

Papa Hoss and Nana hooked him up!! His!!!

Uncle Quinton shares his love of music and sent an I-tunes card!

And Saul and Jade decided to help him cultivate his natural musical talent with a........NEW UKULELE!! He's already jamming out new tunes! (some he's made up....which is way cool)


Very cute!

He looks good with that thing! He's been having fun spending all the Christmas money on clothes at the mall and he's picking very cute stuff....the boy's got some taste! Grammy and Grampy sent the kids gift cards and they ALL had fun spending the money! Thanks everyone....we love you all!

The only Sunday Pic of Bodie....and yes, he refused to take the hat off....(even at church...I'm sure people were judging us left and right....ha ha! But hey, you gotta do what works when your church time falls during nappy time!)

I cropped myself right out of these pics....but I sure do have some handsome boys!

Kyle is not a huge fan of Sunday pics....actually neither is his dad!!!

Everyone decided to hate on Sunday pics this week.....the turkeys!

I'll make them be sweet next week!

This one isn't bad....but Saige looks like she's in pain....grrrr!

Silly, fake smiles!! Oh well....I'll take it!


The BirdHouse said...

You can't beat having Christmas twice!! What's up with Uncle Quinten getting Kyle something and I didn't give him Jack Squat?? Thanks for making me look bad, Quinten!! haha Kyle is so handsome and is looking so grown up, but at least he still acts like he's 4 years old. Right, Kyle??? BooYa!!! Love y'all!

Nancy Booth said...

It must be nice to have more than 1 Christmas. Lucky stiff! Kyle is handsome and so is Bodie Boo. Saige is beautiful too. Not to leave out you and Joel. Bodie's hat looks good even if he does wear it to church. Leave him alone. I told Kelly she needed to get Kyle a present like quinten but you see how she listens to me.