Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saige's winter concert.....

Howdy folks! Saige had her winter concert last night...she had a "special duet" part on her piccolo and she was soooo nervous, but SHE DID GREAT! We took a video and as soon as Joel gets it online, I will post it! But, for are a few pics from the night!

Have to start with little Bodie boy...he was helping us get ready!!
He thought Saige's headband was a perfect fit.....ha ha!

Saige and I ready to go......

I have such pretty girly!

A dark pic at the concert.....she is ready to get the ball rolling....and get her part over with...ha ha!

This was the shortest concert we have had was kinda nice!! Saige was proud of her for doing so well with her flute and the piccolo!

Trying to get a pic with Bodie!

And then with sissy!

Such cutie pies! Even if I do say so myself!

Mom and Pop!

And not to leave Kyle out.....he decided not to go to the concert, so this is the latest pic we his brother, he thinks the bow thing works for him.....ha ha!


The BirdHouse said...

Um...kyle actually would make a cute girl! Don't tell him I said that, thought. Thanks for the updated photos. Love that hat on you- I couldn't pull that off! Let's see some Christmas photos around the house!

Nancy Booth said...

I'm on my iPad and not good yet. I'm proud of Saigy too. Just wish beautiful bowed Kyle would join the band. Saige will have a lot of fun in the band. Such good pics of you all. you can sure tell you've lost a lot of weight, girl. Hurry up with the video, OK?