Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011.....

The best time of the year is here!!! I really look forward each year to getting out all of my Christmas decorations and this year was especially fun because I had the new house and a blank slate to "re-use" my old stuff in a new way! I decided that I was going to use a LOT LESS decor in this house and I am really loving the result! Because I chose greys and browns I thought a natural approach would be best and of course the majority of my stuff is RED and BRIGHT...ha ha! Not exactly the natural look I was after, but I was able to pick through it all and with very few new purchases, I think it turned out swell!

The family room tree got the biggest makeover.....from the DOLLAR STORE!! Yes, almost everything on this tree came from the dollar tree and I think it looks fabulous! The picture doesn't really do it justice! I found silver eucalyptus sprays and white snowflakes and the green ribbon and tied it all together with brown, green and silver balls. The star on top is one of those crazy paper stars and I think it looks awesome!

Dewey in all is winter glory!! He makes a great centerpiece to the winter wonderland theme!

A little vignette on the dough table using a few rustic pine cones and ancient silver ornaments that weigh a ton!

A night shot of the table.

My very special nativity set from Poland.....I love this set so much!

The dining room tree....this room got a few red touches because I thought it would look great with all my black and white accents.....I love the black and white damask ribbon on this tree, it gives it a cool sophisticated look with the natural accents.

A view of the dining area and buffet.

The Christmas table that was kind of set....ha ha! Love the red chargers under the china...Dollar Tree!! Holla....ha ha!

The area above my piano turned out to be a happy accident! I knew I had a ton of faux trees and was just putting them on the piano as I pulled them out of the boxes and ended up loving how they looked all together, it's a natural winter wonderland!! I found the awesome star anise wreath on clearance at Target and it's supposed to be a fall decoration, but I think it works perfectly for this scene! You can't really see the little nativity set from Japan, but this is also one of my favorite possessions.

The Santa collection made the cut once again this year.....I didn't use all of them and only used my favorites, but I really like them in this secretary.

Entry way table....nothing too exciting here...ha ha!

The staircase is right off the dining/living room and so the red buckets tied in well....I just changed them up a little bit with the black and white ribbon and I love how they look! However, we can't really use them as an advent, because Bodie had all the candy canes out of the buckets on the first day! Ah well, we will have them for years to come!

A view from the top!

And.....another one!!

A look into the dining/living room! I love my new drum shade! Joel is very handy in hanging new lighting....whoo-hooo!! I only want about 20 more lighting fixtures....;O)

The family room.

The bookcase duded up with Christmas!

It's so nice to lay on the sofa and stare at the pretty white lights on the tree!

I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away...this year has disappeared in a blink of an eye, but I am so thankful for all my blessings and can't wait to celebrate the Savior's birth with my beautiful family. Merry Christmas!


Nancy Booth said...

Well, once again, what can I say? Just beautiful!!! I would love to see all this in person. How in this world do you keep all these beautiful decorations up with a 2 yr. old? I just love you and Kelly's houses during Christmas. So talented beyond measure.

macs big blog said...

Looks usual!! Did y'all send out Christmas cards this year??

macs big blog said...

Of course, this is Kelly. Apparently McG is logged in somewhere and I am too lazy to log him out and log myself in! haha I'm sure he thinks the decor is nice too, though!

Nancy Booth said...

Hahaha. I wondered who Macs Big Blog was. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said.

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