Monday, November 14, 2011

Ahhhhh Sunday Pictures....again!!!

Hmmm, I really need to get more creative, but this will have to do! It was a pretty fall day, so we went outside to get a few shots before church, but unfortunately, the sun was right in our eyes and so most of the pictures look like we are irritated! But, we got a few decent, here they are.....these kids are growing up too dang fast!

Bodie "indulging" us with a fake smile....ha ha!

I love how sweet Saige is....she loves her little baby bro!

The squinting family!

Kyle didn't seem to be affected by the can totally see his bright blue eyes!

Bodie has something against looking at the camera apparently!

Mr. and Mrs.

Most of our pics look like this....Joel just can't be serious for long!

I tore my last contact, so I'll be wearing my old prescription glasses....Joel always says he likes them, but they drive me nuts! Silly Joel!


Nancy Booth said...

Joel is a nut. Your glasses look just fine and have you lost some weight, Kayla? You are just looking so beautiful in all your recent photos. The kids look beautiful too. Such a good looking family. Keep up the post, please. You'll never know how much I enjoy them. Love ya'll.

The BirdHouse said...

Only Joel can get away with a grey pin striped suit! If he weren't so heterosexual, I'd swear he was gay!haha And don't cha love how mom says " you are looking so beautiful in all your recent pictures"??? What is she really saying??....that you looked like crap in all of the other pictures you've posted?? Geez mom!! haha Kyle is looking like such a man these days!! Saigey is growing up too. I ran across a picture of her when you guys first got married! Man has she changed. Of course Bodie is as cute as ever...that should go without saying!

Nancy Booth said...

After I posted that, I wondered if you'd catch that about recent pictures. I didn't want to say how really crappy looking you use to look but naturally Kelly would catch it. It's OK I guess since you look so beautiful recently. Give me a break!!!!!tee hee At least I didn't say Joel looked gay.