Friday, December 10, 2010

A few of my favorite things! Christmas Decorations 2010

I can't believe that Christmas is in 15 days! Where in the world has this year gone? We moved to CA one year ago and it just doesn't seem possible that it's gone by so fast. Last year we were sleeping on air mattresses and eating on paper plates, we got our furniture AFTER Christmas, so it was a pretty sad holiday to say the least! So, this year seemed even more fun pulling out all our Christmas bins and I bought a bunch of stuff before we left Germany that I totally forgot about...BONUS! I also felt very crafty this year, so I made a bunch of new things for the house.....I really enjoyed decorating this year and now that it's all done, I can spend the rest of the month just sitting back and enjoying the holiday with my family!

(there are a ton of sister has been hounding me!!!)

The piano "scape"! I love how the browns and silvers look together....I think I want the whole house to go in this direction, but it will take years to fade out all my old stuff!!
Joel was very happy to see that I was using my cricut up a storm for my craft ideas! I think he was beginning to think he had wasted his money on that gift...ha ha! I made the canvas with the different languages for Merry Christmas. I used languages that meant something to our family. I even got Navajo in there. The only one that is completely random is the the "bo nada", I think it's Gaelic and I just needed something small to fit in the space...ha ha! I really liked how it turned out and it only cost me the price of the paper!

Heavy ornaments....European Country Living...I miss that store!

Humongous cinnamon sticks....they were even bigger, but Joel cut them down for me. Another ECL find! I really like how they look in the crock, I could never figure out how to display them, but I think they have found a home!

My contact paper chalkboard cabinets...I did this a while ago and I love using them.

One little area above the cabinets...I don't like to get too cluttery, so I kept it simple.

This arrangement can't stay here for long....Bodie will destroy it in a blink of an eye! But, I love how simple it is.....and I love the grey pillows on the white couch....Target love!

A closeup shot

Entry way mirror....I noticed that I had so many wreaths around that I decided to do a spray on the mirror.

Dining room

My dough table....totally love this table for a little vignette. I bought these sleighs years ago at Big Lots and I've never really liked them until I used them for this....probably one of my favorite spots in the house. I bought the glass village when Jade was 2 or 3 and I have fallen in love with it again!

Tree in the urn....found the clip on poinsettias at the dollar store...and I super duper love them!
Simple. Love.

Not so simple....ha ha! I saw a bucket advent in Pottery Barn and decided to run with the bucket idea...I found the buckets at the dollar section at Target and thought it would be a cinch to paint them for this project....well, I should have used primer...but, I was waaaayyyy too lazy for that and it cost me!!! 7 or 8 coats later and finally had the look (kind of) that I wanted!
On some of them you can still see Snow White and the princesses if you look close enough...ha ha! I used my handy dandy cricut to cut out the numbers and overall, I think it turned out really cute. The kids are loving the candy canes they get everyday as they count down to Christmas...Bodie thinks they should ALL be his everyday!

Another shot of my do-it-yourself subway art!

Buffet in Dining Room....I've had the Noel dishes since Jade was little too...I only have a service for 4...wish I would have bought more...but, I'm sure I was too poor at the time!

More Christmas dishes that I picked up in Germany

I'm thinking I have too many wreaths...ha.

These kitchen canisters were red, I painted them orange for fall and then I painted them red again for Christmas....I'm a dork! But, I do love that cricut honey!

All time favorite kitchen decorations (thanks Valerie for giving me the link to find them!) Valerie and I both found these on a blog and she bought them and I loved them soooo much in her house that I just couldn't stand not buying them too! They are the perfect place to decorate for the seasons!

Hot chocolate station...a must in this house!! I have more mugs than you can shake a stick at (as Joel would say!!) I really love these mugs because they are huge and I love anything with writing on it!

The kitchen tree...lots of gingerbread ornaments!

Above the fridge. I love the saying on the chalkboard.

All my Santas....kinda over this collection, but the kids love it!

I had a hard time with the bookcase. Every thing I tried, I didn't like! I even had Joel drill some holes for the village lights and then I took it all down because it was bugging me! (hubby not so happy with that...ha) I separated the houses and I liked it a bit more....but, it's not my favorite....but, it will do for now. Maybe next year I'll get some inspiration for something new!

Family room tree. I have lots of RED! My tastes have changed...but, the pocket book is not catching up!! I'll just have to deal for a few more years! I do love how the poinsettias look in the tree and the little berries that stick out.

Burlap stocking for the kiddos...I do like the jingle bell letters!

Old sleigh found at Sledgers....miss that place too! And my shopping trips with Valerie!!

Little spot in the entryway.

Love the white, grey and browns!

And finally the nativity....the reason for the season. I can't even tell you how happy I am that my friend Valerie was able to get this nativity for me from really is a treasure to me. I initially wanted it for Bodie's room....but, I wouldn't be able to see everyday and it's just too awesome not to see everyday!
Christmas time is such a special time for family and above all remembering Christ our Savior.
I never forget his birth and his sacrifice....Merry Christmas.


The BirdHouse said...

How do I hate thee?? Let me count the ways!!!!
#1- I hate that you have that dang cricut!!! Seriously!! Could that be any cooler??? I love everything you made!!! UGH!!! Everything looks fantastic. We finally put our decorations up last weekend but I'm over all of my stuff~especially after seeing all of your cool decorations!! Curse you!!!

Josh and Tiff Roundy said...

You are so creative Kayla!! I love everything you come up with!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a beautiful Christmas home you have made. Those huge cinnamon sticks are fantastic! I love your dough table vignette. The buckets up the stairs are so cute. Love the square wreaths in the entry! Thank you so much for the wonderful tour!

Nancy Booth said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Our table is decorated and that's about it but at least we won't be having to take a lot of stuff down and storing it. You really are very talented Kayla. How do you keep Bodie out of everything?

Melissa said...

I LOVE the buckets going up the staircase...we have a similar stair situation and I've been trying to decide what sort of garland to use...NOW I know!! Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Melissa @ Greener Grass

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Your decorations are so pretty!! I love the crafts you did with your Cricut...I tried to use mine more to decorate this year too. :) Great job!

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

Girlfriend, I miss our shopping trips too! What am I going to do here for fun antiques in Japan for the next four years? I did see the cutest sled, well three actually. Wood, painted red (asking for Christmas, though girl I have no room to store anything in this house!) and there were two blue (aqua/blue and green) super cute and pretty inexpensive. You would so love them. I may have to go back and snap a pic for you too see. Miss you so much!!!

Belinda said...

+I LOVE the Bucket Countdown to Christmas on your bannister. What a great idea... and so pretty.

I also like the "Hot Chocolate Station." We have one, too... We just didn't name it!