Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, Christmas has come and gone and we are still trying to recover! We made WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!!! I don't think Joel or I ever want to see another Christmas cookie again..ha ha! Well, at least until next Christmas. We really did have a wonderful Christmas this year. We were all looking forward to Bodie's reaction to all the festivities and while he didn't quite get it....he was still such a joy to watch! Once he opened his first gift...he was done for the night...we had to coax him into opening all the rest of his gifts...ha! Hope you enjoy these Christmas 2010 pictures...I even threw in a few Sunday pics...yay!

Bodie opening his first gift....he was amazed that I was actually letting him rip into the gifts! He kept looking at me waiting for me to shout "NO BODIE"!! He is such a doll!
Saige helped him out a little bit!
The first gift he opened was from his uncle Quinton! A baby tickle me Elmo....it is sooo stinking cute! Quinton was able to come up from San Diego to spend Christmas Eve and morning with us...it was really nice to have some family here with us!

As far as Bodie was concerned, he was done for the night!!! It was so cute to see his reaction to the giggly Elmo...ha ha!

I love how Bodie is looking at his Uncle in this pic....sooooooo sweet!

Sagie got lots of fun stuff! She is showing off a ring from Aunt B!

Saige gets Joel a knife every year...it's become a solid tradition...I love it!

I sure do have a handsome hubby!

Trying to coax Bodie into opening another gift......

But, he only wanted to play with baby Elmo!

My Mom and Dad sent Saige all 50 state quarters and a nifty little map book to display them all....Saige loved it! I guess my Dad was going to the bank every day trying to find all the quarters!!

A beautiful bracelet from Uncle Regan and Yvette!

The sock monkey got his attention for a few minutes!

Joel got his annual tie.....I sure picked a nice looking one...ha ha!

I always get everyone Christmas jammies...and I was sooooo excited for Saige to get these this year! She has been begging for footy p.j.s all year! And we have a small obsession with sock monkeys in this house and much to my delight, I found these at Target a few months ago and couldn't wait for her to open them!! She put them on right then and there! Of course this picture won't rotate...but, she is sure cute in these jammies! Poor thing doesn't have to freeze anymore, these will keep her nice and toasty!

Joel trying to get Bodie excited for more gift opening!

Mom sent Saige lots of movies this year and we have really enjoyed watching them all!

Yay!!! Some cars for Bodie!! Just his size too!

One of the hats that Saige picked out herself and then had a cow when I said I had to wrap them...ha ha!

Bodie has had a really good time with these cars! I think the boy is starting to come out...my future with all things "BOY" is coming!

Bodie's Christmas jammies...they are sooooo stinking cute! Totally grown up jammies!

And then of ALL things....Bodie opened up a gift from Aunt B and low and behold, it was a grown up Tickle Me Elmo!! Bodie got a kick out of these two Elmos!! What a lucky little boy....he has Elmo and his little mini-me!

Q with his little friends!!

Some Sunday pics....this last Sunday was the last one that we'll be meeting at 9:00...so, maybe this year I'll do better with getting some family shots!

Mama and daughter!

Such a pretty girl....inside and out!

I love it when she allows me to dress her...ha ha!

A boy and his sissy!

I sure do have a cute family! I just love them all so much!

I had to get a shot of the whole outfit!! She was a bit underwhelmed when she opened the cheetah print boots...but, I assured her they would be cute...ha ha~

Does it get any cuter????

I think not!

Well, folks...that's a wrap! We sure did miss Jade and Kyle this year...it wasn't the same without them. But, we know how much our family means to us and we are so lucky to have so much love for each other. Really, when the day is said and done...FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness!!! Looks like you guys had a nice Christmas! I can't believe how grown up Saige is. She looks so pretty in her church outfit a cool boots! I know she missed her sister and mean step brother on Christmas but hopefully she enjoyed the extra attention and being able to help Bodie get excited about his presents! Love you guys!! Can't wait to see you in just 3 months!!!

Nancy Booth said...

Loved this blog and your funny comments. The family pictures were beautiful. Kayla, you are beautiful. You really are. That's one of my $10 compliments but I'm giving it to you for free. Keep posting. I love it.