Monday, December 20, 2010

Catch up post!

December has been a CRAZY, BUSY month!! I really can't believe that Christmas is this Saturday...Wow, is all I have to say about that! We've had so many things to do this month that it overwhelmed me to do a post about each one, so I decided to combine a few of the highlights!

The first is Saige's Christmas parade. We bundled up early and quite enjoyed watching Bodie's excitement for all of the fun floats and bands.
He waved, he clapped, he squealed!!! I think we watched him more than the parade!! Until of course Saige went by!!
Hesperia Junior High!

They walked by so fast that I could hardly keep her in my view....but I ran with them and got some good shots when they were marching in place.

There she goes......

I totally called out to her and embarrassed her for this pic....she's probably thinking that she wants to kill me right about now!

And now, it's back to business!

After Saige went by we contemplated leaving, but Bodie was having too much fun! And he even got to see the jolly old fat guy! It was a good morning!

The next pictures are from Joel's Christmas party down in San Diego. We walked away with a 15.oo dollar gift card to Subway, so the night wasn't all bad...ha ha! We were a little bummed when we learned that our friends at another party won a flat screen T.V.....but, ah well...we had a good time chatting with Joel's co-workers.

Here are the kiddos all dressed cute!

I love Bodie's face in this pic.

Next we have some random Sunday pictures! Not sure why Kyle wouldn't move his hands from this position...probably a silent protest to the dreaded Sunday pictures!

I love Bodie's expression in this pic too...he such a little ham!

He does love his sissy...even more than me sometimes!

Sweet picture.....

And FINALLY...the highlight of the month so far....Bodie got another haircut! I was so freaked out when she started to cut off all his hair with the clippers! He looks so grown up now...makes me sooooo sad. My little baby boy is growing up. He did so well...we thought he would totally freak out when he realized he was back to get another cut, but he sat there like a little trooper and admired himself in the mirror! I faux-hawked his hair for these pics...sooooo cute!

His hair is so light now.

Hey there Mama....what up? He loves pointing at everything now.

And he loves to find ways to escape his highchair!

So, there you go...a small glimpse into our lives this month so far. I hope to do another post soon for Bodie's 18 month update....yes, 18 MONTHS OLD. Makes this Mama want to cry...and he even started nursery hoo! He loved it and didn't cry one bit when we left him...dang it! I think Joel and I both wanted him to miss us just a little bit...ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Hey Delasara...I am impressed that my threats worked! I actually love his hair, and you are right he does look older, me not likey so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the pictures of my Saigee baby she looks so cute and so serious in her uniform. Kyle always looks handsome and by the way you and Joel look so gorgeous at the party. Your family rocks. Love Bj

Nancy Booth said...

Your family does rock, at least they shore do take good pictures. Beautiful family. Saige marching reminds me of growing up. So fun in the band, huh Saige? Kyle don't smile much (like his dad use to not smile in pics) but he is so handsome. I just want to pull Bodie out of his photos and squeeze him. Can't wait to grab him up and watch him cry 'cause an old witch has him. haha. Kayla you are beautiful, outside and inside. We just love you all.

The BirdHouse said...

Great pictures!!! Bodie's little haircut couldn't be any cuter!! I love it!! I'm proud of Saige in the marching band. Isn't she still in middle school? They only had marching band in high school back in the stone ages when I was in school. I marched in many-a mardi gras parade back in the day and hated every minute of it!!haha

Anonymous said...

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