Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Pictures.....

So, I probably won't be as good as Kelly is about posting Sunday pics, but we thought little Bodie looked so cute today that we remembered to bring out the camera!! He's sporting the tie that Jade bought him in Utah when he was he the cutest stinking thing ever? Ha ha. He is so loved in this home! Can you tell???

Sissy and brother....or should I say his second Mom!! Saige is such a huge help to me...she just adores him!

I think he wants to grab her face and he's trying to figure out how to make that happen!!

The brothers! What cute boys we have, eh?

They look so handsome in their Sunday best!

My beautiful them so much!

Joel being naughty as usual!!

So, I made them take another one!!

After church...ah, it feels good to start peeling off the clothes!!

Just can't stand how cute and sqeezable this kiddo is!!

He looks like his daddy here...up to something for sure!!

And to end this post a lovely picture of Joel's nose hairs....he just loves leaving me these pictures on my camera....this will teach him!!!! Bah-ha-haaaaaaaaa!!
I love you Joel, you make me laugh!


The BirdHouse said...

Yay!!!! This is what blogging is all about!!! I love it!!! Bodie's vest is darling and I love saige's dress!! She looks so pretty and grown up. Great pictures of Kyle and Joel too. They look so handsome. And Joel's nose picture is classic!!!♥ Let's see this EVERY Sunday!!! (not Joel's nose hairs, but Sunday pics)! haha

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

I love the pics! Bodie is so stinking cute. I can not get over the tie, Jade did awesome! Everyone looks great. Tell Joel good job on keeping up with the grooming, he is boogey free! Miss you all!!!

Nancy said...

Now this is great. Please keep this up like Kelly. I love the pictures. Joel is sooo funny but so is Bodie. I can't help but laugh at him with his spiffy outfit. They're all beautiful and thank Kyle for showing his face here lately. He and Saige are both precious too. I love this. Next Sunday take a picture or two of yourself, ya hear?