Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sucker love.....

Bodie and Daddy are definitely going to have the love of candy in common!! Bodie wanted that sucker so bad! The other day he found a robin's egg malted ball on the floor (shame on the one of the older kids!) and was going to town until I realized that he was into something and got it out pronto....he was covered in blue and was not going to let go of it without a fight...he was mad at me for quite a while after I successfully extracted it from his mouth!! And today he "ran" away from me when he saw me coming for him in the kitchen for the third time!! He's going to be a handful!!

Give me some of that candy stingy thing!!



The BirdHouse said...

That video is hilarious!! He seemed to love the stick just as much as he would have loved the actual lollipop! What a cutie!!! I have one important question, though... Exactly who was Kyle talking to on the phone?? haha

Nancy said...

Yeah, who was he talking to? And Saige was right, what would one little lick hurt? He's a mess but what a cute little mess. Loved the video.