Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Pics.....

Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this Nancy!! Here ya go, our weekly Sunday pictures! Believe me when I say there wasn't ONE single good pic of me...so you just get the fam again...ha ha!

Look at our little rug rat...he is so stinking cute!
Saige and Bodie.....and Saige sporting the Bear Bryant dress!!

Daddy and his mini-me!!

Joel's "blue steel" pose....ha ha ha!

Bodie looking at his bro!! Very sweet!

Look at Bodie's cheesy grin....he looks like Lilah!!!


The BirdHouse said...

You're on a roll. girl!! We'll be expecting pics every week now! Everyone looks great and I'm sure your picture was just as nice. We are soooo critical of ourselves! Bodie's a doll!! His little face is changing so much. Did Joel steal that jacket from George Jefferson??? haha I see now where Brannon got his love of sports coats from! Kyle looks so handsome. He has the prettiest eyes. And Sage is so pretty. I love how she's still wearing bows in her hair. That gives me hope that Lilah will get some good use out of her bows as well!! I also love that her jacket totally matches the houndstooth chairs!! haha

Nancy said...

They just keep getting better! Love the "Bear Bryant" dress, Saige. What a good looking family. I'm so proud! Bodie is getting his own personality, huh? He is so stinking cute, Kyly is so handsome and Joel, and Saige is just beautiful. Keep 'um coming, ya hear? We want some of you too. Kelly is finally getting into some so you need to too.