Friday, January 8, 2010

Bodie is 6 1/2 months old!!

Oh my gosh, can he be ANY cuter? Ha ha....we love this little kid so much....he has such a cute and sweet personality. He charmed the pants off his new Dr. She was all over him and kept commenting about his eyelashes!! Here are his stats....he is 12 pounds 4 oz. (he fell off the chart again, but she isn't too terribly upset about it, she just wants us to supplement a little with formula and yogurt) He is 25 inches long (a whopping 5th percentile...ha ha). He's meeting all of his milestones and rolled from his back to his tummy last night for the first time and he is such a scooter! He loves bath time and LOOOOVES to be nakey!! He perks right up when we take his clothes off!!! I'm trying to wean him from waking up and nursing during the night, the Dr. told me he was using me as his pacifier because he would only nurse for a few minutes and then go right back to sleep...he's doing pretty well with the change, I just pat his tummy and tell him "night, night, Bodie" at first he was like "yeah, right Mom" but, he's getting that he needs to go back to sleep and is giving in slowly!!

We think he is the sweetest thing to ever walk this earth, but we are biased!! I try not to take anything for granted...each day is just a huge blessing with him and I want to remember everything and just enjoy his sweet presence in our home!

Here is a little video of him giggling! He loves his daddy and he can make him laugh very easliy!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh my goodness! Keep posting like that and I'm going to have to get on a plane sooner than Tues. He is too precious. I just love him to pieces.

The BirdHouse said...

What a little doll baby!!! I don't know what's cuter...Bodie or Joel's sounds!!! Wait a minute... Of course Bodie is cuter!! Y'all better take lots of pictures when mom and dad are out there!

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

So cute! I miss Bodie so much (and of course you all too!) You need to do a house post, I am still waiting for the grand tour. Big huge for all of you!!!