Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little smile!

We were total slackers this week with the camera....but, we did get this little picture of our sweet boy! He is such a good little baby..he hardly ever cries and is sleeping more and more during the night....it's awesome! We adore this child! We keep pinching ourselves because we can't believe that we really have him! Joel gave him his blessing on Sunday and one very sweet lady in our ward wrote it down for us....what an awesome gift. I think I will print it out and have it framed for his room.


The Mayberry's said...

Someone did that for me for Ashley. I loved it and tried to do it for the boys but just could write fast enough :(.
I think that is an awesome gift!
Why do they have to grow-up so fast?

The BirdHouse said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is so awesome. In fact, I meant to tell you to have someone do that for you but totally forgot. We have a sweet lady in our ward who does the same thing. We have Lilah's blessing but I sure wish I had Macs as well!!

Nancy Booth said...

That is wonderful she did that for you. What a gift. Little Bodie is still sooooo cute. I know ya'll are enjoying him. I wish I was.

Adventures in Petersonland said...

thats so cool that someone wrote the blessing down for you guys! what a great idea, definitely something you will treasure forever.
bodie is seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen! keep coming with those babies guys! you definitely have great genes.