Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joel's Birthday....

We celebrated Joel's last birthday in his 30's last weekend....we had a lot of fun with him and of course he had us laughing the whole night. This cookie monster cake spoke to me at the store and I had to have it...I bought another cake in case this one was totally disgusting, which it kinda was, but oh well, it was fun!

Jade trying to light all 39 easy feat!

Joel's fake blow out of the candles....(for some reason, some of the pictures won't upload...I actually got the real blow out but this one will have to do!)

Present was all about the shoes this year....AE flip flops...

His beloved many can one man own????

CANDY....Joel's favorite....I'm loving the blue tongue!

Saige got Joel another knife to add to his collection.

Mutilating poor cookie monster's eye.....he's so strange sometimes!

Sambas....who knew Joel would like these!!

Blue teeth....cheesy grin!

I made everyone wear these goofy hats....even Bodie!!

The fam....I love them all so much!

The kids, utilizing the flash...should have had it on all night...DOH!

This is where Bodie is if he's not being held by Joel or me....ha ha! We have to pry him out of her arms....she's such a big help!

My little family. Aren't they all good looking?

Joel and his mini-me!! I love Bodie's little hands!

Sweet little pic of Daddy and his sweet little boy!


The BirdHouse said...

I love the pics!!! Oh my goodness, Bodie is the cutest. Looks like JoJo had a great b'day!! Those Sanuks crack me up. Brannon is all about them as well. That cookie monster cake is a little weird. They must not watch a lot of Sesame Street in Germany!!!

Nancy Booth said...

What great and funny pictures. Joel must have had a blast with his last b'day in his 30ties. That IS a good looking family you have and Saige has grown so much.. I've never seen Bodie's hands, I don't think. They always have mittens or something on them. I had to count the fingers just in case. Thank you for posting. Joel racked up, huh? Happy b'day to my baby.

Adventures in Petersonland said...

i love joel's cookie monster cake! nothing like blue teeth to make a night fabulous!
and those sanuks are sweet! too cute how bodie and joel have the same style of shoes!